5 trends that will change the recruitment industry in 2020 and beyond…

What a better way to start the year then by having a look at what will be playing in recruitment in 2020. I can hear you think ‘what a cliché’. But bear with me because as I am reading up on the latest trends, recruitment and the role of a recruiter may very well be in for a rollercoaster ride in the years to come.

There is one general tendency that you can feel across all the different articles: recruitment will be about finding the balance between making talent acquisition more human but also more technology driven. Focus is clearly shifting towards creating a candidate journey that will convince candidates to become employees….be it now or in the future.

5 different trends, preferably combined, aim at achieving this goal.

Recruitment trend #1: Culture as key factor to convince candidates

With new generations entering the job market, culture is getting a prominent place in the focus of organisations as these generations are putting more focus on the sense of belonging than on monetary gain.

Recruitment trend #2: Focus on hiring for soft skills

With the increased scarcity of talent on the market, recruiters will not always be able to recruit against their perfect wishlist. This leads to a focus on attracting candidates who exhibit essential skills to be successful in the organisation rather than past experience. Let’s face it, the role you hire into may not exist in a year but flexible, agile workers who are able to upskill and cross-functionally move into new and emerging roles will always be an asset to your organization.

Recruitment trend #3: Diversity hiring

It is clear to most organisations that having a diverse workforce is a business imperative and will generate above average financial returns. At the same time, they are also realizing that hiring an additional female director is not enough. Instead time has come to start to focus on building a culture where every one’s voice is heard and where every employee feels empowered to do their best work. Diversity hiring is moving beyond marketing and becomes about getting the best employees for your company.

Trend #4: Candidate relationship management

Recruitment is no longer solely about creating a candidate journey with the existing candidates. It also encompasses creating a relationship with previous candidates and with potential candidates. Recruiters who nurture relationships with candidates and keep them warm and engaged will be the most successful in identifying and hiring people when roles come up.

Trend #5: Technology supports the human touch

Over the past few years technology has already assumed a critical role in the recruitment process. But contrary to thinking that technology might take over the role of the recruiter, technology has moved more towards playing a supporting role to allow a more human oriented recruitment approach.

Technology goes far beyond the use of AI. It encompasses all aspects of the recruitment process and it frees the recruiters from the tedious administrative processes that prevent them from focusing on the human side of attracting talent.

No matter what hiring strategy or technology is trending, the ultimate objective remains the same: to attract the right people for the role by creating a beautiful candidate experience with a human touch.

Applying these trends when defining a talent attraction strategy may give you a considerable edge over your competitors. So join me in the weeks to come to read more on how you can adjust your recruitment processes allowing you to attract the top talent in a scarce market… or let me know if you don’t agree 

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