5 key traits that will make you attractive to any employer — “Be you…”

In a selection process, it is always difficult to determine exactly what makes someone stand out from the crowd. Yet there are a few key traits that distinguish the excellent candidates from the average ones. Let me share with you, in the coming weeks, the 5 characteristics that can truly make the difference.

The most important trait might be an obvious one, yet it is the most difficult one: “Be you”.

Simple as it may sound, finding that thin line between being you and presenting your best self to land the job that you really want, is difficult. And it becomes increasingly difficult further down the selection process because your interest in the company has grown and you will be more tempted to please.

But what is being you in a job interview?

First things first, being you does not equal being unprofessional. Although you might have the tendency to always be late, a job interview is not the place to showcase that behavior.

Being authentic in a professional context is mainly behaving during the interview as you would behave on the job. You need to give an insight into what it would be like to work with you on a daily basis. In order to do so, you do not only need to be aware of what your intrinsic behavior is, you also need to have the confidence to show it to the people at the other side of the table, regardless of the outcome.

But what about your less attractive characteristics?

There is nothing wrong with adding a little polish to impress but in the end, you are not a super hero in disguise. When you are yourself during an interview, the hiring manager will see those imperfections and can make an informed assessment as to whether this is a blocking factor in successfully working together.

It is important to keep the end goal in mind: the entire selection process is designed to discover one thing: a mutual fit between you and your future employer.

You want the hiring manager to choose you because of you…your personality, your skills and your aspirations. In order to do so, you need to stay true to your own ideas, norms and values in the way that you present yourself, interact with others and pursue your career.

Join me next time to discover the second trait that will make you a successful candidate…

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