Will 2018 be the year the traditional job interview disappears?

We all know how it goes when you get invited for an interview: you dress up nicely, you research on the internet for the best practice responses to traditional questions (we all know the examples of the weaknesses that can easily be turned into positive personality treats J) and you prepare some questions that will make you come across as the intelligent and pro-active professional that you are.

Let’s admit it: although traditional interviews remain the industry standard, they are not necessarily the most effective way of finding the right candidate. Whether it is a STAR interview or a structured interview where every candidate is asked the same questions, bias cannot be excluded and the quality of the outcome relies heavily on the capability of the recruiter to ask the right questions.

But things seem to be changing, and while adoption is still early, it looks like 2018 might be the year in which the old interview is subject to innovation.

While Virtual Reality assessments offer a fun candidate experience, it is quite likely that this will remain a gimmick for the years to come. Other trends are far more likely to be implemented quickly in the years or maybe even months to come.

Let’s go over the 3 main ones:

Video interviewing platforms are going beyond the traditional two-way interview. In “on-demand” or “one-way” video interviews, candidates record themselves answering some basic questions. Convenient for a candidate as it allows you to do the recording at a time that is appropriate for you but also convenient for a recruiter as it allow to efficiently review a large number of candidates in a relatively short timeframe. Trending platforms are even taking the assessment to the next level by using AI to analyze analyzing candidates’ voices, verbal responses, and non-verbal cues to reveal soft skills and capabilities.

Soft skills assessments are also gaining importance as they are an unbiased way of evaluating candidates. The next generation of soft skills assessment go beyond the traditional personality questionnaire. Some platforms are focusing on compatibility between candidates, hiring managers and the company culture. Other providers focus on neuroscience where through mini-games they detect the inherent traits of a person to predict future job performance.

The last trend has nothing to do with technology: more and more companies are going back to basics and organise a meeting in a casual setting, such as a dinner, to see a more authentic side of the final candidates and to give a great impression of their work culture.

Needless to say that I am a big fan of the last trend but when combined in a smart way, all 3 trends can bring a whole new dynamic to talent acquisition. From a large pool of potential candidates, a one-way video interview and a soft skill assessment allow recruiters to quickly and objectively detect those candidates who are likely to be a good match with position. A more casual gathering with the final 2 or 3 candidates will allow all parties concerned to show more of their personality and to truly focus finding the right match.

So, time to gear up because you won’t be able to land your next job with a textbook response to a standard question ….and that is a good thing.

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