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The Dish
Volume 4, Issue 5 | APRIL 2016
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Let Girls Learn
Beth Ellen Holiman
Peggy Smith
DFW Supports Peace Corps' Let Girls Learn Program
On March 8th – International Women's Day – Dining for Women announced its first Strategic Partnership with a $100,000 commitment to the Peace Corps' Let Girls Learn Fund in support of girls' education. On that day, we were honored to participate in a special event with First Lady Michelle Obama in Washington, DC to support the Let Girls Learn Initiative. (See White House Fact Sheet)

As you may recall, the First Lady launched the Let Girls Learn Initiative last year to address the challenges preventing 62 million girls from attending and completing school, and from realizing their potential as adults. Let Girls Learn is being implemented through the Peace Corps, Department of State, United States Agency for International Development, and Millennium Challenge Corporation.

DFW's $100,000 commitment will fund grassroots, community-driven projects that address barriers to girls' education and improve the quality of that education. One hundred percent of DFW's donated dollars will be used on the ground to help adolescent girls in developing countries receive an education.
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More on our Let Girls Learn Partnership:

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Peace Corps' Let Girls Learn Partnership is a Big Step Toward Our 2020 Vision | By Beth Ellen Holimon, DFW Executive Director »

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New Grantees
1. iAct 2. Amman Imman 3. The Tandana Foundation 4. Development In Gardening 5. A Breeze Of Hope Foundation 6. Ashraya Initiative For Children
New Grantees Selected for 2nd Half of 2016
Providing girl victims of sexual violence with a safe environment in which to rebuild their lives and dreams.

Developing community and home gardens for the Batwa Pygmies in Uganda so they can break the cycle of poverty and food insecurity.

Providing leadership training for Darfuri refugee women working as early childhood educators in refugee camps in Chad.

These are just a few of the projects selected as featured grantees for the second half of 2016, representing an additional investment of $287,502. This brings our total amount of grant commitments for 2016 to $842,525, including our recent $100,000 Peace Corps' Let Girls Learn grant.

See the Grantee Flyer for a complete list of the organizations and projects we will support in the second half of 2016.

Webpages for our new featured grantees will be online later in April.
Featured Grantee
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Our Featured Grantee for April:
Hands in Outreach is an educational sponsorship program for inner-city girls living in extreme poverty in Kathmandu, Nepal. Dining for Women's $44,290 grant will fund the "Be Part of Her Dream" project to benefit mothers and their daughters. "Be Part of Her Dream" establishes the first cash-transfer program of its kind in Nepal to help mothers break an endless cycle of poverty. By providing the mothers of the girls with education in basic financials and literacy, helping them gain critical citizenship documents and begin savings accounts, Hands in Outreach is allowing mothers and daughters to embark on a journey of empowerment and leadership.

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Watch Our Conversation with Dorothy Jakab, Board Member of HIO »
3 Things You Need to Know about our Featured Grantee
The average wage for Hands in Outreach mothers is about $29 per month. Most are day laborers hauling bricks or mixing sand on construction sites, and many work as domestics. The mothers pay an average of $15 per month for rent and about $10 per month for lentils, rice, and some vegetables. This leaves little to nothing left for savings and contingencies.
Hands in Outreach will provide each woman with a cash transfer of $20 per month for two years. Half of the cash will be saved and the remainder will be available for food, rent and the lost wages for participating in three, two-hour literacy classes each week. Each woman will be guided through obtaining Nepali citizenship in order to open a personal bank account.
The project will indirectly benefit the daughters of the women participating. The girls will become project partners by helping their mothers practice reading and writing both in school and at home. They will also see the benefits of education and savings plans, which will positively impact their own development as young adults.
Sustained Grantee
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Sustained Funding Grantee: Health in Harmony
The mission of Health in Harmony is to engage community-led solutions for human health and the health of our planet. In September 2012, DFW gave Health in Harmony a $33,000 featured grant to support its "Goats for Widows" project in Indonesia. As part of this project, pairs of goats were distributed to the widows in the community, thus providing the household with a reliable stream of income, raising the widows' status in the society, and reducing deforestation.

Health in Harmony will now receive a sustained funding grant of $20,000 per year for three years to support its "Women Catalysts for Conservation" project in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. The main goal of this project is to help women achieve their potential as catalysts for rainforest conservation by creating opportunities for local women to lead and drive forward conservation and health activities that benefit their broader communities.
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Read the 2013 Final Report from Health in Harmony »
Proven Platter
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The Proven Platter – Maas ko Baara,
or Who (Lentil Patties)
By Linda McElroy, DFW Recipe Curator and Chapter Leader of WA, Seattle-1
Nepali cuisine is influenced by neighboring India and Tibet, as well as the indigenous Newari culture that exists in the Kathmandu Valley. My recipes for this month focus on contributions from the Newari tribe. Typical Newari dishes include Chowela (grilled meat) and Woh (lentil patties). I've tested both of these recipes and had great success with both of them.
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Bras for a Cause
Karen Bagnard, artist and member of DFW's Altadena, CA chapter, has participated in her local "Bras for a Cause" program for seven years. Bras for a Cause involves artists decorating a "bust" around a particular theme in order to raise awareness for breast and cervical cancer. When Karen learned that this year's theme is "Women Around the World", she came up with the idea to design a DFW-inspired bra that incorporates our logo along with some of the programs we have supported.

The bra is a reproduction of the DFW logo. The bodice is a collection of maps of the countries where DFW has supported grants; above the bodice is a collection of flags from these countries set in a cluster of flowers representing the lives of women and girls that are allowed to "blossom" and reach their full potential.
Encircling the bra are paper dolls, made strong by "holding hands" representing the strength of women standing together.

The Altadena chapter sponsored the bra and chapter members, including Chapter Leader Christine Meadows, helped out. Karen is now showing off the piece around Altadena – what she calls "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Bra". Many thanks to Karen and her chapter members for raising awareness about two important causes in such a unique and creative manner!
Happy anniversary to the OR, Eugene-2 chapter (otherwise known as the Eugene Downtown Chapter) which celebrated its 6th anniversary in January. Thank you to Chapter Leader Nicki Maxwell and all her members!
Congratulations to the FL, Venice-2 chapter on its first anniversary. Chapter members celebrated with a salad buffet, anniversary cake and champagne toast! This group is a spinoff from the FL, Venice-1 chapter, and the Chapter Leaders are Mary Gibson and Kim Eudy.
Mother's Day is May 8th!
Don't forget that DFW's Marketplace has some great gifts for Mom. Check out our fantastic cause marketing partners!
Please send photos of your chapter milestones, meetings or special events to:

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The NC, Winston-Salem-1 chapter celebrates its 4th anniversary in April. Co-Chapter Leaders are Priscilla Zambor and Marianne DeCristo. Congratulations and thank you for your dedication to DFW.
Our thanks to Jenna Lindberg (center), Co-Leader of the CA, San Francisco-2 chapter, for organizing the "Woman Up" evening in support of DFW. The event was held at the offices of Eventbrite where Jenna works. It brought together 112 women who work in the field of technology for 30 different companies, including Eventbrite, Lyft, Twilio, Dropbox, Optimizely, Autodesk, Twitter, and Salesforce. Beth Ellen and Marsha spoke on behalf of DFW, along with representatives from Indego Africa and PINCC, two of DFW's past grantees.
Congratulations to the NC, Burlington-1 chapter on its fourth anniversary. The chapter began in October 2011 after book club members read Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. This group does not share a meal, but chapter members spend time together learning about the project and the country and contribute what they would spend on a meal. The chapter has grown from 12 members at the first meeting to about 35 members.
New Chapters Activated
CA, El Cerrito – 1
led by Alison Ferrell & Kristine Solseng
CO, Denver – 4
led by Caitlin Narum
NC, Belmont - 1
led by Anastasia Kellogg & Krystyna Sarrazin
OH, Columbus – 1
led Patsy Deerhake
Chapter Anniversaries This Month
1 Year
FL, Port Saint Lucie -1
led by Abby Bolduc
FL, St Petersburg - 1
led by Linda Wagner & Claudia Bonilla
2 Years
CA, Santa Barbara - 5
led by Carrie Hutchinson
CA, Santa Barbara - 7
led by Tricia Backelin
MA, Charlton - 1
led by Renee Fullem & Susan Sciaraffa
OR, Portland - 11
led by Lynn Shrauger & Barbara Sutz
3 Years
IN, Valparaiso - 1
led by Anna Schoon
PA, Philadelphia - 8
led by Maryanne Schiller
RI, Riverside - 1
led by Lesley Riva
4 Years
AZ, Goodyear - 1
led by Diana Johnson & Marianne Roberts
CA, Portola Valley - 1
led by Ginger Creevy & Jennifer Hammer
CA, Solana Beach - 1
led by Amy Langley & Rosie Anand
CA, South Lake Tahoe - 1
led by Hayley Williamson & Jaime Souers
CO, Greeley - 1
led by Thora Pabst & Kim Gray
CO, Sedalia - 1
led by Betty Purkey-Huck
CT, Danbury - 1
led by Judith Lacker
FL, Jacksonville - 1
led by Peggy Emeis
ID, Boise - 3
led by Leah Victorino & Amanda Craig
IN, Zionsville - 1
led by Liz Qua & Dawn McKnight
4 Years Cont.
KY, Midway - 1
led by Marcie Christensen
ME, Troy - 1
led by Jayne Sullivan
ME, Yarmouth - 1
led by Carolyn Schuster & Katlyn Davidson
NC, Winston Salem - 1
led by Priscilla Zambor & Marianne DeCristo
OR, Portland - 8
led by Ruthann Marquis
TX, Austin - 2
led by Jaya Thakkar
UT, Cedar City - 1
led by Beth Gaines
VA, Arlington - 3
led by Amy Sharp
WI, Racine - 1
led by Karri Hemmig & Mary Pucci
5 Years
AZ, Phoenix – 6
led by Kathy Hoffman
CT, Milford - 1
led by Felicia Arciuolo & Carolyn Ramadon-Augur
6 Years
AK, Fairbanks - 1
led by Casey Brown
FL, Gainesville – 1
led by Shar Dean & Susan McGee
OH, Perrysburg - 1
led by Kathy Keller
OR, Eugene - 2
led by Nicki Maxwell
7 Years
SC, Greenville – 2
led by Sarah Maxwell
8 Years
AZ, Phoenix - 2
led by Cathy Kim
VA, Vienna - 1
led by Colleen McLain & Shelley Brosnan
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