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Our New Manager

By Baan Unrak on Apr 04, 2018 07:32 pm
Baan Unrak began 27 years ago. Our manager Didi was young at that time but now that she is getting older she felt that she has to prepare a team to take on the duties to run the organization so that Baan Unrak can continue. As she still has the energy she just wants to … Continue reading "Our New Manager"

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Gift of water

By Baan Unrak on Apr 02, 2018 10:00 pm
On the 31st of March, the “friendship group” came to make a difference at Baan Unrak. They brought their beautiful hearts and compassion. It was a great opportunity for our youngest artists to perform in front of an audience. Despite the childrens errors, they forgave all of our faults and stayed attentive through the long performance. They … Continue reading "Gift of water"

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Young Artists

By Baan Unrak on Apr 01, 2018 07:50 pm
In Baan Unrak we are so proud that we have amazing children. They are so quiet and so nice that we sometimes don’t notice them. Now as they grow up and become teenagers we see their quality and spirit that they bring to the home. Rochana was very quiet and one of our most intelligent … Continue reading "Young Artists"

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Pre Teen Trip to Takien Thong Waterfall

By Baan Unrak on Mar 28, 2018 02:56 pm
Now that the children are officially out of school and the weather is warm we decided to take our young ones on a day trip with a picnic to waterfall. It was a beautiful day with much excitement from the kids.  We stopped in town first to get watermelon cut for the drive which is … Continue reading "Pre Teen Trip to Takien Thong Waterfall"

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Service to Home

By Baan Unrak on Mar 26, 2018 04:26 pm
Now it is the school holiday and all the children are working together for the home. From big to small, they all want to give something back. They do their best to paint, clean and take care of the garden. Amazingly, some children took the initiative to teach the small children dance, yoga, and singing. … Continue reading "Service to Home"

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Congratulation to Our Grade 6 and Grade 9 Children

By Baan Unrak on Mar 23, 2018 04:05 pm
Today is the last day of school and one of the most charming days for Baan Unrak. As we watch the performance of our children we felt that we have a wonderful team of young people. They are strong, powerful and have a lot of potential.  We are pleased to see that the children under … Continue reading "Congratulation to Our Grade 6 and Grade 9 Children"

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Dr. Somenath Mitra (homeopathic doctor)

By Baan Unrak on Mar 19, 2018 09:24 pm
Dr. Mitra has been helping us since 2004. He started his practice in Thailand by serving Baan Unrak. At this time we had so many issues such as sickness and children in poor health. He really puts a lot of energy to help us improve the overall health. He first came to serve Baan Unrak … Continue reading "Dr. Somenath Mitra (homeopathic doctor)"

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Steps to University

By Baan Unrak on Mar 15, 2018 10:46 am
We know that the education is the most important tool to give our children. University is a huge gift for them. It is a great financial sacrifice for Baan Unrak but we try our best for the children that really deserve it. Some of our children after experiencing the working world have decided to go … Continue reading "Steps to University"

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Nursery Picnic

By Baan Unrak on Mar 09, 2018 10:16 am
Our nursery is very important because here is where the children begin their early development and education into life. The memories will remain with them forever. We are very happy that our sweet Melek is the main teacher. She is very dedicated to the children. It was her dream to be able to open a … Continue reading "Nursery Picnic"

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Saikama’s HIV/AIDS Project

By Baan Unrak on Mar 07, 2018 03:22 pm
Saikama has dedicated her life to the HIV/AIDS patients and their families in Amphoe SangkhlaBuri.  In the beginning of 2017 Social Welfare had donated to Baan Unrak money for an awareness and prevention program of HIV/AIDS.  It was Saikama and her team of volunteers that decided to take the lead on accomplishing that task. Their … Continue reading "Saikama’s HIV/AIDS Project"

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