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Teaching Others About Near-Death Experiences

Many of us realize that the core truths championed by near-death experiences can change the world. After we’ve educated ourselves and started applying NDE truths to our personal lives, the next step is to share what we’ve learned with others. If you’re ready for this step and are looking for resources to share with friends, start a study group, teach a class, give a presentation, or conduct a workshop, here's where to go. This fantastic resource page includes the best-of-the-best NDE teaching resources I am aware of.

Here are four theme quotes that appear on this helpful page:

“All three of us are introverts, and parties or other social gatherings can be an ordeal for us. Our usual strategy is to find at least one person we know well and stay near that person. Since we began writing this book, we have found ourselves walking into a room full of people and discovering that we could have a meaningful conversation with anyone there. As soon as someone asks us what we are doing currently, and we tell them we are reading and writing about near-death experiences, their eyes widen, their attention seems to focus, and they start asking questions. Almost always, they know someone who has had an NDE, and surprisingly often they have had one themselves. Even skeptics seem fascinated.”

— Sheila, Dennis, and Matthew Linn, The Gifts of Near-Death Experiences

“We live in a community in which many people have different political opinions, values, religious beliefs, and lifestyles than ourselves… In our experience, NDEs have the power to unite us as no other topic can, and to help us form immediate heart and soul connections with people to whom we might otherwise struggle to relate.”

— Sheila, Dennis, and Matthew Linn, The Gifts of Near-Death Experiences

“Hearing about [near-death experiences] triggers a memory deep within us. It is sort of like a homecoming. Accounts of NDEs are like echoes that resonate from somewhere inside ourselves so that we want to keep hearing stories that awaken us more fully to that awareness.”

— Raymond Moody, The Light Beyond

“To dwell on the nature of the afterlife may divert us from paying attention to THIS life, where the lessons from the Light need to be practiced… The true promise of the NDE is not so much what it suggests about an afterlife — as inspiring and comforting as those glimpses are — but what it says about how to live NOW… to learn from NDErs about how to live, or how to live better, with greater self-awareness, self-compassion, and concern for others. Live well, and death will take care of itself.”

— Researcher Kenneth Ring, Lessons from the Light

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• Teaching Others About NDEs
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New Content on NHNE's Encounters with Jesus Website

Modern day encounters with Jesus via dreams, visions, visitations, near-death experiences, and other spiritually transformative experiences. Whether you are personally fond of Jesus or not, this site is packed full of really interesting information. Recent additions include:

• Reverend Matthew Wright, Teilhard de Chardin, The Second Axial Age
• Mary Reed: God, Jesus, Buddha
• The Purpose of Life: Love & Have Fun – NDEr Sarah W.
• Two Sisters Encounter Jesus – NDEr Valerie Paters and her sister Cheryl Schuelke
• Annabel Beam Falls, Meets Jesus & Is Healed - Updated
• “The Love You Give” – An Anonymous Near-Death Experiencer
• The Shroud of Turin - Updated
Favorite Jesus Images - Updated

Highly Recommended Books & Movies

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