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Seven-Week NDE Class in Sedona

Beginning last month, I've been teaching a seven-week class on near-death experiences in Sedona. The summaries from the first four classes are now available. The remaining three summaries will be available in the coming weeks. The material presented in these classes is really outstanding. I hope all of you will take a moment to check them out. The third and forth classes, in particular, are dynamite.

• 1st Class (06/17/15) Amy Call’s NDE
• 2nd Class (06/24/15) The Purpose of Life
• 3rd Class (07/01/15) 
Hellish Realms, Evil Spirits, and How Our Vibrations Create Our Experiences
• 4th Class (07/08/15) 
Love: The Central Message of NDEs
• 5th Class (07/15/15) NDE Super Powers
• 6th Class (07/22/15) 
NDEs, Jesus, Christianity, and the World’s Other Great Religions
• 7th Class (07/29/15) 
Putting All The Pieces Together: What NDEs Teach Us

If you live in Sedona or one of our surrounding communities, we meet Wednesday evenings at St. Andrew's. For directions and more information, go here.

New "Encounters with Jesus" Website

I have a life long interest in Jesus. Over the years I've been collecting stories, images and songs about Jesus and recently wrestled them into a website called "Encounters with Jesus." As the name implies, the website is primarily focused on encounters. This includes modern day encounters with Jesus via dreams, visions, visitations, near-death experiences, and other spiritually transformative experiences, as well as historical encounters. Whether you are personally fond of Jesus or not, this site is packed full of really interesting information. Here are a few especially outstanding posts:

• Jesus, Christians, and Near-Death Experiences – David Sunfellow
“Who Do You Want Me To Be?” — NDEr Dr. Alan Hugenot

• When Hellfire & Damnation Preachers Meet A Loving & Forgiving God – Rev. John W. Price
• What Howard Storm Learned From Jesus & The Angels – NDEr Howard Storm
• The Purpose of Life: Love & Have Fun – NDEr Sarah W.
• “What Have You Done With Your Life?” – NDEr Dr. George Ritchie
The Future of the World – NDEr Howard Storm
We Are All Connected – NDEr Jeff Olsen
The Heart of Jesus – NDEr Yvonne Sneeden
“Love The Person You’re With” – NDEr Howard Storm
• The Near-Death of a Child – Helena Rocca
The Blind Man At The Gate – Ray Stanford
Jesus, The Man – David Sunfellow
The Apostle Paul’s Encounter with Jesus – Gary Habermas
The Shroud of Turin
• Donna Magrath’s Encounter with Jesus
• Book: “Sacred Encounters with Jesus” – Gregory Scott Sparrow, Morton Kelsey

Inspiring Handouts

• How To Love Ourselves by David Sunfellow (pdf)
“Evidence of the Afterlife” Handout (pdf)
NDEr Amy Call Class Notes (pdf)

NDEr Jeff C. Olsen Class Notes (pdf)
NDEr Anita Moorjani Class Notes (pdf)

• Dream Basics by David Sunfellow (v1.0, pdf)
• The Healthy Relationship Preamble by David Sunfellow (v2.0, pdf)
• The Hopping Stone Vision by David Sunfellow (pdf)

Inspiring Quotes
That Champion Near-Death Experience Perspectives 

My intention was to create a simple video that could be played at the beginning of my NDE classes to inspire people as they gathered for the class, but things got a little carried away. Here is the result. It includes quotes from Anita Moorjani​, Barbara Whitfield, Jan Holden, Carl Jung, Thomas Merton, Brian Weiss, Byron Katie, Jesus, Annie Kagan, Marianne Williamson, Jim Carrey, Steve Jobs, the Dalai Lama, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Brene Brown, C.S. Lewis, and many others. Near-death experiencer Frederic Delarue​ kindly allowed me to use the piano version of "Eyes of Your Heart" from his "Eyes of Your Heart" album.

New & Updated Sections on NHNE's Formula Website


1. Events: Sedona NDE Classes
2. NDEs & The Purpose of Life


1. What Near-Death Experiences Teach Us
2. Heavenly Humor
3. NDEs & Hell
4. Powerful, Life-Changing Near-Death Experience Quotes
5. All About Emanuel Swedenborg

IANDS 2015 Conference

Findhorn 2015 Conference

Recommended Books

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Inspiring Quotes That Champion Near-Death Experience Perspectives
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Anita Moorjani in Sedona Video
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Robert Perry: Parallels Between 'A Course In Miracles' & Near-Death Experiences 
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Kenneth Ring: The Golden Rule Dramatically Illustrated
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Near-Death Experience Documentary: Conversations with God
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Chris Markley (Excerpted from an episode of "I Survived... Beyond & Back")
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Other Outstanding NHNE NDE Resources

• Rethinking Buddhism: A New Way To View Suffering by David Sunfellow
Three Questions by David Sunfellow
Swedenborg: How Different Religions Coexist in Heaven
• We Are Like Colanders by David Sunfellow
Life Is All About Relationship by David Sunfellow
It’s The Little Things by David Sunfellow
Dream: The Greatest Movie Ever Made by David Sunfellow
• Rebooting Our Relationship With Technology by David Sunfellow
NDE Aftereffects: Ability To Bend Time by David Sunfellow
Healing Past Events By Time Traveling & Changing Them by David Sunfellow
Penny Sartori: Claw-Like Hand Healed
Greyson & Storm: Reincarnation
Dr. Bruce Greyson: Science and Postmortem Survival
Dr. Penny Sartori: "The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences"
• Loving Personhood or Liberation From Personhood? by Robert Perry
The Three Faces of God by David Sunfellow
The Purpose of Life, Jesus & NDEs by David Sunfellow

NDE Quotes

“I was VERY much aware of my earthly life. There was no separation except that in that other ‘dimension’ I was suddenly aware of EVERYTHING — all the connections, all the ‘whys’ and the answers to the whys of my former life. It’s as if all this life I had been in a state of half awareness, or amnesia, wandering around asking ‘Who I am? Why am I? Why is this so hard? Why why why???’ and in that other realm the picture was finally complete. I got all the answers, or I remembered all the answers.

“And yes there was significant insight into others who I was in relationship with at the time, in particular, my step-mother. I was shown, or could see, her whole life, her struggles, her fears, and all that had made her into who she was. And I could finally see her abusiveness was not about me being a ‘bad’ kid. It was ALL because of her fears, her own earthly amnesia, and her struggles, insecurity, etc. I saw that she had been abused herself growing up. And in the end I could only feel great compassion and even admiration for her (after having seen the truth of her life, her fears, etc.) that she had been through so much pain, and that she bravely chose her life knowing it would be confusing and that happiness would be elusive, but that there were important people she needed to touch, and important experiences she needed to have. And I saw that its pretty much exactly the same for ALL human beings on earth in this way. We are all blind and scared while we are here. We do our best, and it’s all understood and our mistakes are forgiven once we have our expanded spiritual awareness back.”

– NDEr Amphianda Baskett



“I looked up and I saw this light; it wasn’t a normal light, it was different. It was luminescent. And it grew. I kept looking at it like, ‘What is that?’ Then it grew large and I went into it.

“I went into this tunnel, and I came into this room that was just beautiful. God held me, He called me by name, and He told me, ‘Mary Jo, you can’t stay.’ And I wanted to stay. I protested. I said, ‘I can’t stay? Why not?’ And I started talking about all the reasons; I was a good wife, I was a good mother, I did 24-hour care with cancer patients.

“And He said, ‘Let me ask you one thing: Have you ever loved another the way you’ve been loved here?’

"And I said, ‘No, it’s impossible. I’m a human.’

"And then He just held me and said, ‘You can do better.’ ”

— NDEr Mary Jo Rapini

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