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The Church of The Light • • Sedona, Arizona USA
News from NHNE's Founder & President David Sunfellow
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About The Church of The Light

Hello everyone. David Sunfellow here. Most of you know me as the guy behind NewHeavenNewEarth (NHNE). 

Over the past few years, I've created a variety of websites, social networks, YouTube videos, and other resources that explore near-death experiences (and other spiritually transformative experiences). I've also brought NDE speakers to Sedona, Arizona (where I live), taught NDE classes, and, most recently, published a book about NDEs.

Until now, most of my focus has been on identifying the core truths championed by near-death experiences and distilling those truths into information that can be used to improve our lives and help heal the planet.

While I've crossed paths with many of you, both online and off, and also created networks where we could get to know one another and explore issues together, what's been lacking are local communities where people could build day-to-day, long-term, supportive relationships. I can't tell you how many times people have asked me "is there an NHNE group in my part of the world that I can go to?"

This has also been a huge problem for people who have had NDEs (and other spiritually transformative experiences). Where is their community? Where are their people? Where can they go to ask questions, share their stories, and add their voice to the choir?

Thankfully, the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) holds conferences once a year and supports study groups in the United States and other parts of the world. For many, these conferences and study groups have been lifelines. 

There are also other groups who offer yearly conferences and a growing number of places online where people can connect with others who share similar interests.

Conferences, study groups, and online networks are exceptionally helpful. We need them, now more than ever. But I think the time has come to go further. I think the time has come to start NDE-friendly churches. Maybe lots of them.

Why a church? Why not more study groups? Or local chapters or centers? Or ANYTHING that doesn't carry the baggage of a church?

Because a church, in the truest sense of the word, is a special container for Heaven to touch down on Earth.

In a healthy church, the spiritual realities of life are alive. Its members pray and meditate together. They dream dreams. They see visions and hear voices. They pay attention to signs and synchronistic events. They expect angels to visit them, talk to them, heal them, help them. They sing together, laugh together, learn together. They marry one another, have babies, raise children, send loved ones off to the next world when their time has come to leave this one. They know, love and support one another, deeply. They are also actively involved in the larger community where they live. They look after their neighbors like they look after each other, including those who may not understand or appreciate them.

Most of us don't have anything like this where we live. We may have thousands of friends online and around the world, but we don't have a family of spiritually oriented people to physically share our lives with.

While some of today's churches are supportive of NDEs, many ignore, dismiss, and attack these experiences, along with the people who have them. This, in spite of the fact that direct encounters with the Divine change lives forever; they break chains, heal the sick, and sometimes raise people from the dead -- literally.

In a similar vein, most of today's churches are built on the spiritual stories of distant times and places. Most do not regard modern encounters as living pillars of their movement, nor are modern day encounters held in the same esteem as ancient ones.

This needs to change -- and not just because it's important to make room for new revelations. It also needs to change because near-death experiences can breathe new life into the original visions and teachings that most religions are based on. Indeed, if today's religions used near-death experiences to understand their own traditions better, a lot of today's religious bickering would come to an end.

New Age and metaphysical movements, which are often at odds with one another and mainstream religions, could also learn from the grounding, surprisingly consistent core truths championed by near-death experiences from around the world. 

Bottom line: there is a pressing need for spiritual communities that are built on modern encounters with The Divine to carve new grooves in the world. Not just online, but in the cities and towns where we live.

So that's what I'm setting out to do. Build a new church based on modern revelations that encourage direct, personal encounters with The Divine. I want to do this for experiencers who haven't been able to find a spiritual home in this world. For people who are adrift in this world because they don't have a connection with or belief in the spiritual forces of life. And for existing religious, spiritual, and metaphysical movements that need help going deeper and seeing that we are all brothers and sisters in the great journey of life.

My plan is to start small in my home town. Sedona. Start a church here. Experiment. See what works and what doesn't. Then share what we learn with others who might like to start sister churches in their part of the world. If they want to use our name and guidelines, great. If not, I'll do what I can to help others start their own NDE-friendly churches, independent of what we are doing in Sedona.

The church I'm starting is called The Church of The Light.

While I'm not sure how everything is going to unfold, this church will follow a different path than most conventional churches. For one thing, we're going to be a grassroots movement that believes God is as alive today as He/She/It was thousands of years ago. Ditto when it comes to angels, the power of prayer, and miracles. We're going to be as decentralized as possible and do everything we can to empower everyone to follow his or her unique path and inner callings. We're going to use contemporary NDE accounts as a foundational part of our movement. And we're going to laugh, have fun together, and not take ourselves too darn seriously!

If this vision excites you, you can help by spreading the word, visiting our new website, joining our mailing list, and contributing financially. If you are REALLY excited and want to come to Sedona to talk about this, great. Contact me. I'll work with as many people as I can to make this vision a reality. Working together, we may actually be able to create something that feels like Home (Heaven) on planet Earth!

Universal Truths

Universal Truths (v2.0)
By David Sunfellow

Version 2.0 of “Universal Truths” consists of 88 statements that are based on the core truths found in near-death experiences from around the world. This updated list appears in “Love The Person You’re With.” The Church of the Light will use this evolving summary, as well as the stories included in David's book, as guiding principles and practices. Here's an abbreviated version of Universal Truths. You can find the complete list posted here.


“God exists. God loves everyone unconditionally. God has a delightful sense of humor. So do the angels, guides, and spiritual beings that serve The Light. We should too. We should also lighten up and not take life so seriously. We are immortal, indestructible beings. The pursuit of money, fame, and power do not lead to happiness. Love and serve others: humans, animals, plants, everything. Remember the little things -- the kind word, the understanding smile, the compassionate touch -- are the big things. Small, heartfelt acts of love change lives and ripple across the universe. While there is evidence everywhere to the contrary, train your mind to look beneath the surface and see the truth: life is good; the world is a beautiful place and you, complete with your human weaknesses and shortcomings, are magnificent. You are known, loved, and cherished. You are unique, essential, and irreplaceable. You have a special role to play in the grand scheme of things. When you find and follow your unique path, which is different from everyone else’s, magic happens. No matter how many times you try and fail; no matter how far you may be from embodying your full Divine Nature, you will eventually succeed. Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope. And always remember you are never alone, even when your earthly senses tell you otherwise.”

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NDE Quote

A New Age Of Exploration

“Our situation regarding NDEs is similar to the way humanity learned of exotic lands during the ancient era of exploration. After sailors returned from long voyages and wrote their accounts, scholars would survey multiple accounts from different voyagers, discern where they agreed or disagreed, and come up with the most likely descriptions of the geography, culture, rituals, and traditions of a particular exotic land. We are in a similar position today when it comes to the world of the afterlife.

“Near-death experiences are surprisingly common. A Gallup poll found that about 5 percent of those surveyed had an NDE at some time during their lives. From this and other surveys, we believe that millions of people around the world have had near-death experiences. In recent times those numbers have increased, largely because resuscitation techniques have greatly improved. People who previously would have died are now being saved due to advances in medical equipment and better training for emergency personnel. These life-saving measures would be expected to result in a higher incidence of NDEs than ever before.

“Remarkably, the content of near-death experiences is strikingly consistent. Even after rigorously studying NDEs for over fifteen years, I still marvel at how amazingly similar these experiences are regardless of the experiencers’ age, cultural beliefs, education, or geographical location.

“By comparing these accounts, we begin to see a coherent picture of this other world. For example, one striking aspect of these accounts, which we will explore more fully later in this book, is the consistency with which a divine is described. Those who report meeting a divine being generally portray God as someone who radiates incredible love, light, grace, and acceptance. This is not religious dogma or theology, but one of the most consistent claims of multiple individuals who have encountered a heavenly being. In other words, people are not merely stating or projecting their religious yearnings or beliefs, but, like the explorers of old, are describing an entity they have encountered. The fact that they describe these encounters so similarly gives us confidence that they have, indeed, met the same Being.”

— Pages 2,3, God and the Afterlife

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