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Happy New Year!

While December was free of horse shows, there was still plenty going on -- clinics, banquets, camp, parties and kids home from college. 

Horse show season kicks off again in just a few weeks. There are many good things ahead for 2016 and we wish everyone a happy, healthy, and successful year!

December was a good month for Nina!
She participated in the George Morris clinic at Whitethorne Ranch and, after applying early decision, Nina was accepted to Dartmouth College!

Maggie & Artie:

San Fernando Hunter Jumper Association
2015 Short Stirrup Champions!

Congratulations on such a successful first year in the show ring!
Many thanks to Janet for putting together another wonderful holiday celebration!
The kids people-jumped while the sun was still out, and the adults mingled and attempted to solve "Who's Who" even after the rain came. It was nice to see so many familiar faces come back for a visit, especially as we all shared a moment huddling together in the tent to wish Sheila and Caitlin a fond farewell

A big, big thank you to Lisa Hankin for organizing such a fun and challenging "Who's Who" photo game! Following is her write up of the results.

Most correct guesses:  Katie Aviv

Second (tie):  Jenny and Jessica

Some interesting observations among the incorrect guesses….

Fountain of Youth award:  Janet -- the ONLY adult to be mistaken for Lily Andersson (go Janet!)

Most Likely to be Mistaken for Nick:  Rodney Jenkins
(Apparently using a black & white photo of Rodney made he and Nick look like twins separated at birth…)

Most Likely to be Mistaken for Each Other:  Janet, Lisa H, and Emily F
Height profiling, anyone????)

Non-Trainer Most Mistaken for a Trainer:  Jennifer Jean 
(Some people thought J2 was Jenny or Cassandra (nicely done, Jennifer Jean!))

Mistaken for the Widest Variety of People:  Kost
(Although quite a few guessed Kost correctly, he was mixed up with an interesting array of people -- Nick, Bill Steinkraus, Joe Fargis, and Lisa W!)

And in the “Favorites” categories:

Shoeless Glamourpuss Lisa W ran away with the voting for most amazing outfit (although the bonus photo of Jennifer Jean and Kost in their best 70s attire captured a few votes)

While she was easily voted most likely to become a trainer, Cassandra also eeked through to capture best background to her photo – she had real live spectators watching, and a lot of them!

Kost edged out Joe Fargis as most likely to become a grand prix rider.  (Go Kost!!!!)

Sheila won a write-in vote for most likely to eat a bug (one hopes there is a funny story behind this…)

“Most likely to be yelled at by a trainer” included some interesting choices – Jessica and Chris – hmmmm…

Thanks so much to everyone who participated, and stay tuned for next year’s version!

Most Amazing Outfit!!
Most Mistaken For Widest Variety of People & Most Likely to Become a Grand Prix Rider!
We're going to miss Caitlin and Sheila! Wishing them well in Colorado and hoping they come back to visit often.

Looking Ahead: 

Jan 19 - 24       Thermal I 
Jan 22 - 24       Verdugo Hills Season Opener   

Jan 26 - 31       Thermal II
Feb 2 - 7           Thermal III
Feb 9 - 14         Thermal IV
Feb 19 - 21       Gold Coast February
Feb 23 - 28       Thermal V
Feb 28              Camelot

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