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Iterate Through Potential Designs

The word "iterate" has recently developed a connotation for describing a computer program, but it is especially relevant for the design process as well. The more you iterate and experiment with different variations of your mockups, the more content ideas you will produce. By iterating, you don't attach yourself emotionally to just one design. Instead, you give your team (or clients) multiple ideas to consider. And you improve your skills as you go. 
It's ok if some of your iterations feel half-done or not quite finished, because they eventually will bring you to the "good" version. Paula Scher, the designer behind the Microsoft Windows logo, once said: "It's through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good."

You may not like some of your iterations. But the only way to get past work that you don't approve of is to iterate more. 
Sam Torrey

This week's .design site spotlight goes to...!

In addition to showcasing some incredible design work examples, also takes the time to share passion projects. For example, Joanne has some collage experiments where she integrated image and type to create dynamic compositions that resemble songs in the electronic dance genre. Sharing side projects and things you are passionate about is a cool way to show off your design skills and create something that you want to create.  

Have a .design site you'd like to nominate? Let us know and we might feature it in the next .design digest.
THE DIGEST Design Feedback 101

Slack is a teamwork communication tool, rapidly growing in popularity. Their design-specific site, has a great article on gaining feedback on design.

Designing Illustrations For Small Screens

In this article, Meg Robichaud walks us through some of the do-s and don't-s of small screen illustration design. 

Free SVG "Buckwheat" Font

Thanks to Tom Chalky for creating this sweet retrograde font. This is perfect for outdoor themes, or fun, light hearted designs that need a human-painted touch.

AI Has Become A Top UX Design Challenge: Here's How To Solve It 

 Megan Wilson raises awareness on how AI integrations can present challenges to the existing UI/UX designs, especially when AI outputs unpredictable results.
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