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When you go for a walk and look around, pretty much any object you notice was designed by someone. Whether they envisioned it all in their mind or jotted down their thoughts on the back of a napkin, designers are the ones who tackled the challenge of creating that thing...of taking an idea and making it a reality.

Today, this creation process is augmented by software. You sketch out an idea, a drawing, a photo, and save the file to share with others. No matter what type of designer you are, chances are you've come across Adobe software products at some point, and it's no secret that Adobe has created tools that are ubiquitous in the design world. And with the launch of, Jamie Myrold explains how "it's designers who are illuminating the path forward."

The creation of the is encouraging for two reasons. First, it strengthens the credibility of all designers using a .design domain name. Second, the content on their site makes an impassioned case for a world where design is valued at every level, in every detail.

Considering that new problems in the future will require designers to come up with creative solutions, a world that values design is a good world to live in.
Sam Torrey

This week's .design site spotlight goes to...!

It's never too early to ignite your passion. Florentin is an inspiration for us all: 15 years old and already launching a superbly designed portfolio site. The images on the site are black and white and then light up with color when hovering over them. Awesome.

Plus, Florentin piques our interest with a succinct introduction: "I'm Florentin, 15 years old, a designer based in a small town in Germany. Sometimes I design logos, develop websites, create posters, or do other stuff for good people. Sometimes I just eat chocolate."

Keep it up, Florentin!

Have a .design site you'd like to nominate? Let us know and we might feature it in the next .design digest.

THE DIGEST A .design Site Dedicated to Brand Guidelines and Assets shows how its design principles guide their creative process in order to effectively represent the Mozilla brand. Lots of good info here on how a company organizes its brand architecture.

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Jake Rocheleau's list of neat CSS animations can give you ideas for your next project.
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Sonja Hernandez shared an interesting article on how has approached its massive brand architecture.

Free Vintage Grit Textures

 Thanks to Nasir Udin for sharing this new collection of textures. It's a modern style that compliments fashion design, photography and more. 
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