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Capturing Design Inspiration In The Moment

Have you ever seen an advertisement, film, or commercial where you feel "wow that's pretty awesome!"? Excitement builds up and you start wondering how the heck the designers who made that piece actually did it. Have you ever said to yourself "I could totally do something like that!"?

This is the precise moment when you need to start creating. Take that artwork or design piece that you saw and use it as your inspiration to start. Don't let procrastination stop you from getting started. That is why when we see something that we like, it's time to seize that feeling and channel it into your next project.

The two clues that you can apply this inspiration-hack are:
1.) you come across a design project that you love and admire
2.) you say to yourself, "I bet I could do something like that!"

And then you have the emotional fuel to start. I'm not saying you should copy that exact piece, but rather use it as an opportunity to push yourself and improve...and beat procrastination.
Sam Torrey

This week's .design site spotlight goes to...!

Laura's site is welcoming and personable. Her combination of illustrations, paintings, and portraits shows us that we don't have to fit into a nice, neat little box and call ourselves just "graphic designers" or "web designers." She show us that we can showcase all of our skills. The beauty about design is that it incorporates many disciplines.

Most importantly, Laura's site tells her story. It is inspiring to read and get to know the designer behind the site.


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