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Designing For A Good Cause

Have you ever been stopped in the street by someone holding a clipboard and asked to donate money?

It can catch you off guard and you may not be ready to part with your hard earned funds. However, once in a while you may have learned about a cause that you do care about and that's worth contributing to. One cool idea to consider telling folks who are asking for your help, is that you can help in other ways, such as using your design skills.

Again, you don't have to wait until fate aligns your path with an advocate on the street. If there's a cause you care about, reach out and offer to design something awesome for them. It will demonstrate your initiative; it will give you more examples to show in your portfolio; and it will help to make a difference.
Sam Torrey


This week's .design Site Spotlight goes to...

Last fall, The Interior Design Educator's Council hosted a design contest for interior design students. This year's winner is Jieru Lin, whose website and project work really shined. Jieru's portfolio website is replete with stunning examples of her design work. Plus, her "Irrelevant Inspiration" page reminds us that we can get inspiration from different areas of our life in order to create something innovative. This is a professional website design that matches the quality of the content. Great job!

Have a .design site you'd like to nominate? Let us know and we might feature it in the next .design digest.

THE DIGEST Play Around With Design Challenges

This website,, is a neat way for you to break up the monotony of your daily routine and try one of their design challenges. They also have an engaging newsletter that feels fresh and unexpected.

Free Coffee Illustration Pack

Thanks to Joseph Chernashki & Free Design Resources for teaming up to create this suite of illustrations for you to use. You can download the outline versions to see how the files are set up.
Why Parallax Scrolling Needs To Die

John Pavlus gives a convincing argument as to why the parallax scrolling effect is outdated. I personally like the parallax and "sticky image" effect because when it's done subtly, it adds an aesthetic that other static sites don't have. Either way, check out this article and see what you think.

3 Essential Design Trends In 2019

 See what's trending in design this month. Whether it's typography, color, or distinct layouts, this article by Carrie Cousins introduces you to what's hot right now in 2019.
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