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Unlock The Potential Of Charismatic Designs

When you spend time with a charismatic person, you can't help but become immersed into what they're saying. Have you ever felt someone's glowing presence when they walk into the room? Just as there are charismatic people, there are also charismatic designs. These are the designs that "just fit" perfectly when we see them. We feel compelled to interact with them and tell our friends about them.

Everyone uses the example of Apple products, like the iconic IPod design. It was so novel and different than what came before it, that we couldn't help but become devoted to it. But there are other great examples of charismatic designs across many disciplines: The Aston Martin that James Bond drives, the Nike Swoosh, the Guggenheim Museum, the WhatsApp Message Screen, and the Candy Crush crackle sound effect.

One quality of a charismatic person is their ability to be a good listener and make the conversation about the other person, not themselves. This is a good lesson for your next design. Think about how your design can "listen" to your audience or make the experience about your audience rather than about the design itself.

Charisma doesn't have to be limited to human qualities; it can emanate from your design creations as well.
Sam Torrey


This week's .design Site Spotlight goes to... is an international urban design firm, specializing in urban development planning. Working with local zoning authorities, talks about how they approach designing the urban landscape of various small cities. Their product drawings are impressive because of their visual appeal, and also because of their accuracy in accounting for future population growth in each city they work in.

Have a .design site you'd like to nominate? Let us know and we might feature it in the next .design digest.

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