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The One Idea That Reinforces the Importance of Design

There is one idea, which is often overlooked, that helps reinforce the importance of design. The idea is that design doesn't simply decorate or adorn; instead, design is a communication tool.

But it's more than simply translating words into an image or sketch. Design is so much more than that because you can communicate with your audience on different levels: intellectually, emotionally. With good design, you can:
  • inspire people to take action
  • get people excited about something
  • make people laugh, cry, or ponder a new idea
  • persuade people to buy something
Whatever the intention, the fact remains that design can communicate to people pretty much anything you want. We've been blessed with the gift of sight, and to not use design to help communicate visually is a missed opportunity.
Sam Torrey

This week's .design site spotlight goes to...! has some original and intriguing hand-made typography projects on display. Anna Lin's site also has presents creative takes on typographic exploration and letterforms using physical objects. From a website layout perspective, stays true to a consistent design on each project page, where there is a date, tools used, and description of the project. Overall, very professional.

Have a .design site you'd like to nominate? Let us know and we might feature it in the next .design digest.
THE DIGEST Finding The Value of Working Together

Here's an interesting article written by the Product Designer at OpenTable, Patti Lo. Patti explains all of the hidden gems of diving deep into a project with a teammate and learning from others.

Mobile Designers Will Shape The Future Of 3D Application Design

Paul Reynolds walks us through the emerging field of augmented reality design. A super interesting article about how design project workflows might change in the coming years.

Fun Summer-Inspired Vector Files

Vecteezy has uploaded a handful of new vector files for you to experiment with.

10 Popular UI Design Trends On Dribbble In 2018 

 Thanks to Marina Yalanska at Icons8 for contributing this exhaustive article on design trends that we can all get inspired from. There are ideas that can help shape your next big design idea.
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