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A Time for Inflection

By:  Matt Silvers, Senior Vice President of Real Estate and Brand Development

In-flec-tion point
  1. MATHEMATICS: a point of a curve at which a change in the direction of curvature occurs.
  2. BUSINESS: a time of significant change in a situation; a turning point.
There comes a specific and well-defined time on the growth curve of anything that, well – grows, where its trajectory is forever altered (either favorably or unfavorably) due to external or internal influences.  This is known as an inflection point and at Flix Brewhouse, that moment has arrived. In the not too distant future we’ll know how we did, and ultimately, where we’re headed...READ MORE

Flix Technology Update

Matthew Baizer, Senior Vice President of Operations

While it wouldn’t be wise for a company of our size to be at the forefront of every technological advance, we do take pride in being innovative, and technology plays a large role in Flix Brewhouse becoming a leader in cinema dining.  Because I was exposed to more than my fair share of technology issues, innovations and ideas during my extensive restaurant operations background, I find that my relative tech savvy is quite helpful in my role as COO of the company, as I’ve largely assumed the role of defacto chief technology officer as well...READ MORE

Teach, Show, Do and Review

By: Lindsey Moon-Leggenhager, Sr. Manager of Learning and Development

Our mission at Flix Brewhouse is to be the gold-standard entertainment experience in every community we serve.  Achieving this lofty ideal is a constant and on-going focus of the Flix Brewhouse Learning and Development department.  With the dynamic growth that Flix Brewhouse is experiencing, it is pivotal to the future success of our company that we select, train, retain and promote the right people.  Achieving excellence through our people requires a firm commitment to well-defined guest-first principles and continual coaching of positive behaviors to achieve the desired results...READ MORE

Head to Heart: A Data Driven Approach to Marketing

By: Greg Johnson, Director of Sales and Marketing

Numbers tell us a story.  As marketers, not only do those numbers tell a story of what happened, they can help us read the tea leaves to predict future behaviors of our guests and make smart decisions for building affinity and winning long-term loyalty with our guests.

That’s why last year when we approached our strategic planning for 2016 and beyond, we decided to move on from our old “gut feel” advertising agency and partner with Mind Ecology, which is heavily data-driven...READ MORE

What's On Tap at Flix

By:  Greg Johnson, Director of Sales and Marketing

This past quarter, we changed the beer program from centralized control, to allow our brewers (and ultimately our guests) to have more of a say in what is produced at each Flix Brewhouse location.  Naturally, our lead brewers are super excited to gain an increased role at their respective locations. Under the guidance of our beer council, helmed by Vice President of Operations Support, Mark McLaughlin, the Flix brewing team is taking a more collaborative approach to our national release calendar and will be working together to author and perfect recipes crafted by each brewer to be produced nationally in all Flix locations during the 2017 calendar year. While the “Flix Core 6” lineup will still be our mainstay, we are excited to sample the great beers that we know our (now) four brewers, Carlo Garcia (Round Rock), Mike Gauthier (Des Moines), Chris Knott (Carmel), and Will Moorman (Albuquerque) will produce.


By:  Greg Johnson, Director of Sales and Marketing

Oktoberfest is our fall seasonal offering and brewed in celebration of the great autumn brewing tradition in Germany. Our Oktoberfest beer is a traditional Märzen lager and features a full-bodied maltiness with just a hint of spice. Copper-red in color, this beer utilizes the inherent sweetness of Bavarian malts, lending a bready accent, making it the perfect beer to transition from summer to fall.

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