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No Analogies Required

By:  Matt Silvers, Senior Vice President of Real Estate and Brand Development

Prospective Flix locations
Since the inception of this newsletter, I’ve used a range of analogies to describe where we are or where we are headed as a company.  Boats, mountains, the Force, inflection points; the list goes on.  In this quarter’s newsletter, no analogies are required to describe the progress here at Flix.  Strong results generally speak for themselves and 2016 was an excellent year for us in so many ways.  Although we significantly grew revenue and drove an ever-larger percentage of it to the bottom line, it is our growth as a company that is so rewarding...  READ MORE

Is Flix Becoming a Technology Company?
By: Matthew Baizer, Senior Vice President of Operations

Flix Brewhouse self-service ticketing kiosks
One of the three foundational blocks upon which Flix is built is enabling technology.  At Flix we embrace technology but at the same time want to ensure that the decisions we make on deployment support our values: Guests First and Teamwork. To explore just how we do that, as well as what the future holds, Allan Reagan and I made a March trip to Auckland, New Zealand (a.k.a. Aotearoa -- “the land of the long white cloud”) for the biennial users conference hosted by Auckland-based Vista Group, our enterprise software vendor... READ MORE

Building a Brand, Guest by Guest

By: Mike Aguirre, General Manager, Flix Brewhouse Albuquerque

Flix Brewhouse Albuquerque Grand Opening
When I touched down in Austin-Bergstrom airport for my final round of interviews, I did not know what to expect. To be quite honest, I’d never even experienced a dine-in cinema, with no such venues to be found in the Albuquerque area. As a restaurant manager my whole career, the theater business was akin to a foreign language. Matthew Baizer, a familiar face with whom I had met several times before, greeted me on arrival. He set the tone for what was to come on the car ride to Flix’s corporate offices. The time I spent meeting with the leaders of Flix Brewhouse were about selling myself to the Flix brand and at the same time allowing the brand to sell itself to me. I spent real, quality, one-on-one time with most of the senior leadership and it was immediately clear that they were all truly passionate about Flix and about building the brand and the company... READ MORE

Creating and Sharing Happiness

By: Katie Baker, Manager of Talent Acquisition & Cultural Enrichment

Heart of House team in Carmel, Indiana

Much like team member engagement, manager engagement is just as important. We count on our unit-level leadership teams to not only inspire each other but to create an inclusive environment for our team members to thrive as well. Fully engaged managers are more productive, influential and have a sense of purpose both on and off of the clock... READ MORE

Beyond the Pale NE IPA

By:  Greg Johnson, Director of Sales and Marketing (and beer-geek)

Beyond the Pale is the first New England style IPA that any Flix brewer has attempted to brew. Featuring Galaxy, Azacca and Mosiac hops, this beer is what “beer geeks” (like me) would call a juice bomb. New England IPAs  are distinct from their hoppy IPA brethren in that they use hops late during the brewing process. This adds floral and citrus aromas and flavors without drawing bitterness from the alpha acids found in hops.
Beyond the Pale, created by Round Rock Brewer Carlo Garcia, is also the first beer in Flix's history that has been widely embraced and discussed in online forums and in the greater Austin craft beer community.  It has brought new life and attention to the brewing program in our most mature location (and our most crowded beer market). Carlo took over the Round Rock brewery last fall and recently completed the MBAA Brewing & Malting Science Course in Madison, Wisconsin after winning the Walt Powell Memorial Scholarship. We are thrilled that he’s at the helm of our brewery in Round Rock and super excited to see what he brews next!

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