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Top 10 List from NGPF Blog

Looking for inspiration for lesson ideas or activities?  The Next Gen Personal Finance Blog has become a timely and trusted source for educators looking to supplement their curriculum.  

What will you find there?
  • Questions of the Day which are great ways to get your class off to a rousing start with a thought-provoking question to pique your students' curiosity 
  • Ideas on how to incorporate current events into your class (check out our recent webinar focused on this topic)
  • Updates on new regulations and trends for popular financial products, such as student loans, credit cards and checking accounts
  • Charts and graphs that allow your students to show off their analytical skills
  • Descriptions of new financial products that your students may already be using

Here's what's trending on the NGPF Blog recently:

#10: Activity Idea: Plan That $1,600 Summer Vacation

#9: What If the NBA Legend Who Allegedly Blew Through $154 Million Had A Savings Plan?

#8: 50 Ways To Swipe Your Credit Card or Debit Card Numbers (Apologies to Paul Simon)

#7: Why Every Student Needs To Complete A Financial Plan Before Entering College

#6: You Ain’t Saved Nothing Yet: A Credit Card Classic Rock Parody

#5Question: What Percentage of Americans Have Less Than $400 In An Emergency Fund?

#4: Next Gen Personal Finance Announces Winners of Its 2015 Financial Literacy Month Contest

#3: A Searchable Database of NGPF Curated Videos

#2: Challenge Your Seniors With This NGPF College Budget Activity

And drumroll, please…

#1: Scared Straight Approach to Student Debt:  A Documentary Playlist (helped by its appearance in a NY Times article)

Enjoy your summer!


Tim Ranzetta
Founder, Next Gen Personal Finance

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