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I chose this week's quote because I needed the reminder. Practicing compassion for others (and for ourselves) is not easy at times. Today I meditated with the calm app and the message at the end of the meditation was about "shared humanity." Tamara (the voice behind the app) told a story of a woman angry because the driver in front of her was a bit erratic, changing lanes and turning off and on the blinker. As the woman began to get frustrated she noticed a sign on the car widow that said, "learning stick shift, please be patient". As soon as she saw the sign, her anger dissipated. She understood and felt compassion and a sense of common humanity which decreased her anger. What if the sign was not there? 
How many times do we get frustrated with others and place blame only to find out a bit of added information that explains the situation differently than how we assumed it to be? 
Can we recognize that even without a sign or an explanation, people are doing the best that they can? Can we practice forgiveness as well as understanding for others? 
I know it is not easy, but this reminder by the Dalai Lama that compassion is not only good for the other person good for us as well may help. I know I needed it today!

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