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#MondayMotivation 4.13.20

For many of us who are healthy and safe at home with our families during the difficult time, we may be feeling grateful. I, like many others, celebrated Easter with zoom calls and family time yesterday and are about to start another work week and "home school". There is still fear and uncertainty about what comes next, but there is also guilt. Guilt we are safe and healthy. Guilt that we can work when others can’t. Guilt because we too grieve parts our lives but feel it’s not acceptable to mourn “little things”. I am here to say that no matter what your situation is, you are allowed to feel grief for what you are missing.
It might feel like a “downer” to point out your grief but I believe actually help us feel better to know we are heard and seen and that even if we are healthy and working we all grieve things in our lives and it’s ok to acknowledge it. 

Here is what I am grieving:

  • Seeing my daughter play JV lacrosse after she worked so hard to make the team. 
  • Sitting at the ballpark watching my son pitching for his club baseball team.
  • Spring break with my family. Because of COVID and not going anywhere for spring break, I worked all last week while my kids had no school work and just hung out on phones and video games.
  • Friendships that are growing distant because we don’t see each other all the time.
  • The loss of feeling “secure” and “safe” in the world. 
  • Easter with my extended family and someone ELSE doing the cooking.
But even though I feel some suffering, I am still happy about what I have gained: 
  • A closer relationship with my husband and kids
  • I learned how responsible my kids are. Even if they sleep late and play video games, they always get school work done, they exercise, my son does dishes daily, they even bathed the dog. Together!
  • Seeing my daughter embracing and using her artistic talent, she is creating beautiful paintings that probably would never have happened if we weren't home. 
  • Outside time shooting basketballs or doing an online workout with my son.
  • Wiffleball rivalry between my husband and my son.
  • A Netflix binge show with lots of seasons with my daughter that we both love. 
  • Family dinner every night. Due to sports, there was a game or a practice 6-7 nights a week prior to now.
  • An appreciation for all the little things I took for granted.
  • Seeing the beauty in my community as people step in to help neighbors and raise money to support restaurants and feed hospital staff (ex:
  • I learned I can cook Easter dinner with the help of my daughter and it wasn't half-bad! 
It’s ok to grieve what you miss. I believe we are experiencing collective trauma and we are all experiencing it differently…even when in the midst of suffering there can be happiness.

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