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May 12th, 2014 Vol. 2

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NEW in This Edition! 
  • Statewide Monthly NCRC Counts
  • Revised Online Resources for Oregon's NCRC
  • ACT visits Oregon, providing valuable information!
  • Oh No! I Lost My Certificate!
  • VIP Testing May 22nd
  • On the Horizon
  • Point of Contact Directory
Business Highlights New Video & Letters of Support: 
  • Concentric Sky, a high-end web and mobile development company, has integrated the NCRC into their hiring and on-boarding process.  View the New Video to learn more about Concentric Sky and the NCRC value added!
  • Video Interest Submissions from Coos County have been received from: Bay Rail Link, South Coast Orthopedic Association, and West Coast Monument & Sign!
  • Approximately 100 Letters of Support were received from various employers across the state in the month of April 2014, including RainSweet and Salem Volcanoes
Click Here to View the NEW Concentric Sky Video!
Tips for Improving the LOS Process:
By following the simple tips below you can help make a difference in the efficiency of the LOS process! 
  • Obtain complete information from employers by ensuring all question have been answered.
  • Obtain correct information from employers by ensuring questions have been answered with the accurate information.
  • Obtain easy to read and legible Letters of Support prior to sending.
  • Direct all Letters of Support (LOS) to
  • Access the LOS form by clicking on the blue tab below, keep in mind a new LOS form with slight changes to the language is in the near future! 
Click Here to Access LOS Form
  • Nationally, the majority of businesses who are using the Work Readiness System (82%) are doing so as part of an organizational selection process for hiring.
  • Most businesses using the Work Readiness System (88%) agree that it improves hiring outcomes.
Graph 1 
The graph above measures the NCRC monthly totals.
NEW Revised CWRC/NCRC Resources
Practice, Learn, and Improve! Examinees can improve on their skills by accessing credible and effective web-sites. In this revised version you will find the web addresses available for staff to print and provide for customers! 
Click Here for the Newly Revised Online Learning Resources
Click Here for the WSO Registration Screen Step by Step Process
Proctoring at Your Service:

  • Preparing in advance will equip potential proctors for the Proctor Training! Please see Kathy's NEW Proctor Training Packet! 
  • Furthermore, to ensure that you obtain proctoring services as quickly as possible, please make sure to submit a proctor training request form!
  • Last but not least, we welcome all your feedback, suggestions, and inquiries! Email us at
Click Here to View the Oregon CCWD Proctor Training Options
Click Here for the Proctor Training Request Form!
Click Here for the NEW Site Administrator and Proctor Training Information Packet!
Interest in High Schools on the Rise:

High Schools from all around the state are taking interest in WorkKeys and the NCRC. WorkKeys satisfies the essential skills requirements for HS graduation at the Gold (5) level in Reading and Math! Students who were not able to pass the OAKS test in order to graduate are now graduating after obtaining a Gold level 5 in the math and reading Workkeys assessment! This has been true of over 100 students at ECCO! This new trend is becoming a reality for many students across the state! In addition, students are taking the WorkKeys assessment in Locating Information and earning their NCRC just in time for summer jobs! This is a WIN/WIN for students, educators, parents, employers and the community! 
Click Here to View OR HS Diploma and NCRC
Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development
Report Date Range 1/1/2008 - 12/31/2014
Exciting News Everywhere! 
On May 7th, ACT joined key stakeholders in Oregon to discuss Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) and the NCRC. Subject experts, Debra Lyons,Thomas Langenfeld, PhD and Dr. Christopher Johnson provided invaluable information regarding WorkKeys and its rigorous design and evaluative criteria! Learn more about the work behind WorkKeys and how it can be used for CPL.  Cilck on the Links Below! 
Click Here to Access the TD Presentation
Click Here to View ACT Opening Presentation!
Click Here for the Final NCRC for Credit- White Paper
Oh No! I Lost My Certificate! 

From time to time job applicants will have lost/misplaced their NCRC certificate. Here are some helpful tips on how to help ease and prevent some of the stress.
If all else fails contact:  or
NCRC VIP Testing: Inviting all State Agency & Partner HR Staff!
When: Thursday, May 22nd!
Where: Salem Worksource Center
Time: 12:00-5:00 p.m
What: You & the NCRC
Need More Information Contact
 On the Horizon...

  • New Employer and Job Applicant Brochures! Get ready to weigh in! A doodle poll is coming your way soon!
  • Letter of Support document undergoing slightly NEW language revisions! Stay Tuned!
  • Watch for exciting news on CWRC revisions!
  • Virtual Proctor Training in the works!
  • WokKeys Available en Español, coming soon!
  • Promotional Video featuring HS students in the works!
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is there an age requirement for taking the Workkey assessment and obtaining the NCRC?
  • A: ACT states that participants for testing should be in ninth grade, preferably toward the end of the ninth grade year/level.
  • Q: Are job applicants required to indicate their NCRC certificate Level?
  • A: No. Applicants are not required to provided their NCRC certificate Level unless the job has been profiled. The applicant can elect to provide that information as they deem approriate.  
  • Q:Can iPads or Laptops be used for testing?
  • A: Yes, although there is nothing prohibiting the use of either iPads or lapt-tops, it is not recommend at this time due to testing compatibility issues.
  Point of Contact Directory
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