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June 2, 2014 Vol. 3

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Job seekers need to know that we want to help them, that we care for them and that we give them what they need.”
 ~ Kimberly Carlson, Business & Employment Specialist
Beaverton WorkSource Center
 Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development
 Teamwork  & Success in the Beaverton WorkSource Center
From the Desk of Bryant Campbell

Worksource Beaverton is finding great success in marketing the NCRC to its job seeking customers.  The Welcome Team in Beaverton began discussing how they were going to increase enrollments seven months ago. The office management decided to set a goal for each welcome team member to sign up two job seekers each week.  The question was how and why. After a meaningful discussion about the value of the NCRC and Certified Work Ready Communities this team was ready to get to work and show job seekers that acquiring an NCRC would enhance their work search. 

As this team began working toward meeting their goals, one person in particular, Kimberly Carlson far exceeded the goal and now regularly enrolls between ten and 18 clients per week.  Kimberly is recognized by her team as the triple platinum in NCRC recruitments. Kimberly makes sure she infuses each client she meets with information about the NCRC.  Kimberly is the first to admit she that every customer is not ready to instantly take the exam but she says they all need to know about it and how it can work for them.  Kimberly says, “Job seekers need to know that we want to help them, that we care for them and that we give them what they need”. 

Everyone on the welcome team admits that they listen in on Kimberly’s conversations and with each one they get a nugget of valuable information that helps them in their marketing of the NCRC.  Office proctor Les Williams often hears test takers praise Kimberly for her customer service and Kimberly has had many of them come back to her with smiles on their faces and a renewed faith in their quest to find work.  It’s not uncommon to openly hear customers saying, “Thank you, Miss Kimberly”.  Kimberly and the entire welcome team are an asset to WorkSource and the Oregon NCRC.
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Letter's of Support Continue to Grow Across the State

  • Nixyaawii Community School
  • Dickey's Barbecue Pit
  • Woodgrain Millworks, Inc.
  • Encore Ceramics
  • Amazing Grace Care Homes
  • Aurora Innovations
  • Willamette Works Incorporated
In The News:
Why Manufacturers are Targeting High Schools and Colleges

Manufacturers across the United States are targeting schools and colleges to let young people know there is more to manufacturing than pulling levers on an assembly line. The goal is to get people to see manufacturing jobs as the high-tech, high-skilled and high-paying careers they can be in the second decade of the 21st century.
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PBS NewsHour on the NCRC & Preparing Students for the Workforce
  • 40% of U.S companies struggle with finding qualified workers.
  • WorkKeys Assessments are helping employers identify core skills and best fit for jobs.
  • High School graduates can showcase their skills through the NCRC.
  • Students that are going into the workforce after high school are obtaining better employment opportunities.
Click Here to View the PBS NEWSHOUR on HS Students and the NCRC
 Revised NCRC Guidance on Testing and Re-Testing in The Works
New revised language will include the following key components below. Watch for the new Guidance soon to be made available on the website @
  • High school students taking a WorkKeys assessment must also take the remaining WorkKeys assessments. 
  • If a high school student earns an NCRC and wants to retest, the student must use skilling up courseware, curriculum, and/or other resources.
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are Site Administrators required to stay for the entire Proctor training?
  • A: No. Those that will only serve as a site administrator have the liberty to stay for only the portion of the training that pertains to them. 
  • Q: How soon in advance do I need to notify CCWD of Proctor Training needs?
  • A:  CCWD does not have a prescribed timeline;however, the proctor training request form is required and should be sent as soon as the need for proctor training is identified?
NCRC VIP Testing
When: Thursday, June 19th, 2014
Where: Salem Worksource Center
Time: 12:00-5:00 p.m
What: You & the NCRC
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