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April 28th, 2014 Vol. 1
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Meet our Newest State Team Member
Blanca Hawkins has joined us from the Oregon Employment Department (OED) and will play a key role in our efforts to achieve the statewide goals! Her primary area of expertise and focus will be on the NCRC program. She will be assisting stakeholders with technical assistance, reports, point of contact conference calls, enhancing communication efforts, setting-up new realms, VIP testing, and other NCRC-related work. 
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LWIB National Career Readiness Certificate Goals
April 2014 - June 2015

  • Worksystem Inc., 10,440
  • Job Growers Incorporated, 4,680
  • Linn, Benton, Lincoln Workforce Investment Board,  2,520
  • Lane Workforce Partnership,  3,600
  • Rogue Workforce Partnership, 3,240
  • Workforce Investment Council of Clackamas County, 2,880
  • Oregon Workforce Alliance, 8,640
Introducing the NEW Proctor Training Information Packet!

Oregon NCRC Proctor Training is introducing our new Site Administrator and Proctor Training Information Packet. This packet includes:
Oregon NCRC Site Administrator and Proctor Training Information:
  • Oregon CCWD Proctor Training Options
  • Oregon Proctor Batch Load Guide
  • Proctor Training Request Form
 CCWD Proctor Training now includes these choices:
  • Module One: Basic Account Management
  • Module Two: Account Management Groups and Batch Loading
  • Module Three: Test Administration and User Guide Training
 The new Oregon NCRC Proctor Training Request Form as well as your proctor questions can be emailed to our new Proctor Training Email address at
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WorkKeys Helping Students Graduate! 

Over the last few weeks, ECCO High School in Eugene had incredible success using the WorkKeys® assessments in reading and math!  Here is the updated data for students that did not pass the OAKS in reading and/or math, took the WorkKeys assessments, and will now be graduating:
  •  22 of 33 students were tested, 66%, used WorkKeys® in reading to meet essential skills.
  • 45 of 82 students were tested, 55%, used WorkKeys® in math to meet essential skills.
Meanwhile in Douglas County, Oakland High School a small rural school selected 11 seniors to complete the NCRC/ACT assessment, resulting in: 
  • 100% of the students receiving a NCRC certificate.
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KEY Resource Links 
  • For any of you interested in the great work that is happening with the NCRC and Career and Technical Education (CTE), and and College Credit for NCRC (Credit for Prior Learning) please contact Johnny Mack at Chemeketa Community College,, 503.399.6243. 
  • Here is the link to the occupational skills database:
Business News Highlights

  • NEW Northwest Natural Gas Video showcasing the benefits and value proposition of the NCRC !
  • NW Natural’s turnover droped by 75% after implementing the NCRC!
  • Cascade Steel (Newberg) has improved their turnover to less than 10%
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The World of Realms 

What is a realm? A realm is the term used to identify "testing sites". New testing sites or realms are created to support testing capcity. Most recently new realms are being created at school locations. Some other items to consider include:
  • Realm Set-up process has been improved!
  • Time to set-up a realm is now approximately 3 weeks.
  • Setting up a new realm costs the site nothing!  
For additional information connect with: and 
Profiling on the Horizon 

  • Eugene Water and Electric Board (540 employees) has signed a Letter of Support (LOS) and has expressed interest in Profiling.
  • Profiling will occur soon with Portland General Electric.
  • Two CCWD staff members will be trained in profiling by the end of June, 2014 to support increased demand! 
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the earliest age/grade level allowed by ACT for NCRC Testing?
  • A: ACT states that participants for testing should be in ninth grade, preferably toward the end of the ninth grade year/level.
  • Q: Are prospective participants required to take all three WorkKeys assessments at the same time?
  • A: No. Participants can elect to take one or two portions of WorkKeys and take the remaining portion at a later time and date. 
  • Q: Is registration required for taking the NCRC?
  • A: Yes!  Please Click the link below to view the NCRC Guidance.
Click Here to View the NCRC Guidance
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