Dear Industry Professional,

I would like to submit my query letters for my romcom feature, CRAZY ATHOL, & my comedy-drama feature, STUCK IN FUNK. 'Crazy Athol' is 'Miss Congeniality' meets 'Did You Hear About the Morgans?', while 'Stuck in Funk'' is 'Napoleon Dynamite' meets 'The Greatest Showman'. If either or both query letters pique your interest, I can send over the screenplay(s) ASAP.

CRAZY ATHOL'S LOGLINE:  A pint-sized detective must pose as a big time wrestler's wife under witness protection in Athol, Idaho. 

CONTEST SUCCESS FOR CRAZY ATHOL (& attached cast): Quarterfinalist in 2021 Emerging Screenwriters Genre Competition in Comedy; Finalist in 2021 Bigfoot Script Challenge; It is in the top 30% ranking on Coverfly. Amazing NY actor Diezel Ramos (Coming 2 America, Suicide Squad, The Tomorrow War) as the leading male. Lucy deVito is currently reading and considering for the female lead.

STUNK IN FUNK'S LOGLINE:  Downsized and dumped, Seattle high school teacher Claudia is forced to move back home to Funk, Idaho where she takes a job as a hokey psychic at the fair after meeting a handsome little person. (Previously Optioned, now available).

CRAZY ATHOL'S SYNOPSIS: In this hilarious comedy, life ain't so funny for tiny detective Vanessa "Van" Martin when she and big-time wrestler Ty Diamond aka "The Diamond Stud" find themselves in the center of a deadly gambling ring which sends them directly to witness protection in the only place you can hide a jumbo Athol, Idaho.

They're now the newlywed couple, the Wieners. And the only way for the Wieners to bust outta Athol and take down the ring-leader, naturally, is to participate in the Athol Olympiad...and dominate the locals at shin-kicking, cornhole and wife-carrying. And to the criminals: Let the games begin!

STUCK IN FUNK'S SYNOPSISDespite her deep-rooted insecurities, CLAUDIA MESSER (28) made an amazing life for herself in Seattle over the last 12 years. But when she loses her boyfriend, teaching job, car, apartment and dignity, she's left with no choice but to move back home to Funk, Idaho.

As suspected, nothing has changed. Her dad, a lumberjack turned retired lump on a log holds down his chair, while her llama farmer mom keeps busy, yet manages to find time to take Claudia on massive guilt trips. And her sister: still dead. While job hunting, Claudia meets a group of traveling circus performers on the bus. She hits it off with the handsome emcee, GIAVANI, a little person age 30. Smitten, he invites her to the PETA friendly circus show where the gypsy psychic flips her lid and disappears. Claudia takes the newly open position.

The conniving circus owner, puts her through a quick training, equipping her with an arsenal of Dr. Phil-isms. A jealous FANTASIA (20s), the sparkly hula-hoop stunt girl and circus owner's daughter, also has it out for Claudia due to her own complicated relationship with Giavani. Just when her bank account screams freedom, Claudia's dad passes away suddenly. She can't leave now! Meanwhile, the circus owner avenges his daughter's heartbreak and Giavani mysteriously disappears. Claudia, knowing the remote areas, gains Fantasia's trust and leads the search. They find him drugged and about to be offed. The circus owner is hauled off to jail and Fantasia's sent to get evaluated by mental professionals to receive the help she's needed all along. 

Finally back in Seattle, Claudia learns that Giavani took a radio job in Funk instead of traveling on with the show. Claudia hurries back to Funk, where she's belonged all along and embracing her small town roots. She surprises Giavani at work and professes her love to him. The old crazy psychic lady? She's not crazy at all - just creative at psychic matchmaking!

BIO: I am a writer of smutless comedy, a "Compendium" professional level member of the Northwest Screenwriters Guild, an optioned screenwriter, published playwright, working on the Cuzzins writing team, earned my MFA degree in Scriptwriting and most recently am working under contract for a faith-based script re-write for Christian actor Tommy Lee Thomas.

Thank you for taking the time to read my query letters. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cannon Rosenau

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