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Sketchnoters' Stories - "Topics, Style and Friends": Katharina TheisBröhl

By Mauro Toselli on May 20, 2016 07:00 am

Today's story is from Katharina TheisBröhl


Topics, Style and Friends


What is it what matters in your life? Do what you do with passion and with heart! I tried to follow this rule from my childhood on, first as a scientist and today as a Physics Professor. Singing is another passion of mine. To be part of an outstanding international chorus project,I spend one Sunday a month and travel three hours to the Netherlands early in the morning. Singing and science, this is what moves me.


So, how did the sketchnotes came into the game? I was always a very visual type and already included a lot of visual elements in my lecture notes and scientific talks. But I felt drawing by myself to be too hard for me. I tried it once, actually not knowing that I was already doing a sketchnote. When planning a physics show in a pub, I visualized my experiments and arranged them in a flow on a page to order my mind and to find out how I could connect them. 


Science in a pub


Everything changed in summer 2015 when I received an Email from a scientist who I got to know during my sabbatical in 2014 at a research facility in the US. Rob Dimeo sent me a sketchnote based on one of my research papers.


Interfacial structure of ferrofluids


We came into discussion and quickly switched from Email to Whatsapp. During this process I showed him my first and only sketchnote. Rob liked it and encouraged me to go on and he has supported me since then.


With respect to sketchnotes, I developed quite fast after working through Mike Rohde's books. I immediately got into it with a lot of effort. It was amazing how much I loved to do it! Part of the enjoyment came from the really nice and supportive comments I got from Rob and others on social media.




In the beginning, I tried a lot just on paper later I started using my ipad. 


With respect to topics, I have seen my main point in use of sketchnotes for my teaching. So I made sketchnotes for several topics in physics to give the students a summary. Momentarliy, I sketchnote the lecture notes of my Solar Energy Lecture.


Senza titolo

Characteristic curve 

 But if there is enough time, I also sketchnote recipes.


Quinoa Party Salad


And I use it for visualizing choreography, emotions, instructions by coaches or contest results for my choruses


Singing Smart
and for visualizing examination results.


Physics Examination Results


I sketchnoted a childrens song, planned my Christmas dinners with a doodle,


Weihnachten 2015


did travel planning, visualized my research results, summarized research papers, etc. I also made a sketchnote on the use of a special type of tea pot, which was found by the company on social media and is now used on their sites.


Shu Yao tea to go


I found that sketchnotes have a great effect for simplifying content and can clear your mind. I also use sketchnotes for any kind of meetings, talkes, discussions, thesis colloquia, etc. I always take notes in sketchnotes form. 


Verfahrenstechnischer Tag


Actually, I should also mention my style. I like Modern Art a lot. At one point, my sketchnotes became influenced by the artist A.R. Penck,and later on also by Niki de St Phalle. I also like the graphical recordings by Melinda Walker (onesquigglyline). Therefore some of my sketchnotes are influenced by her style as well.


Travel to India


This basically is my story on sketchnotes. It is, however, also a story on friendship. I got to know several sketchnoters in person. I am in continuous discussions with Rob, Diana Meier-Soriat, Sandra Martin and Catharine Mi-Sook in a Whatsapp group with the five of us. It is a big advantage and help for all of us, as we often share and discuss our work and answer questions about material, pens, apps etc. These new friends completely changed my life. Sketchnoting changed my life, as it keeps me very busy and I am now addicted to something which I never was before. I enjoy meeting people and network in the VIZTHINK group in Hamburg and hope to meet Melinda this summer. So, make sure to meet me in case I visit your town one day. It will be fun! 


Katharina Theis-Bröhl
Twitter: @theiskbt
Instagram: @ktb_visual
Flickr: theiskbt


A lovely story!

Thank you very much for sharing with us, Katharina!

- Mauro

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The Social Origins of Good Ideas - Joe Gerstandt captured by Brian Tarallo

By Mauro Toselli on May 18, 2016 07:00 am

A really interesting sketchnote by Brian Tarallo.

He wrote:

Joe Gerstandt is an expert in diversity and inclusion. His approach is all about bringing diverse ideas to the table in a way that's fair and equitable.

You can see a second sketchnote on Brian's website .

Excellent work Brian!

- Mauro


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Announcing The Sketchnote Army Podcast: Season 1, Episode 1

By Mike Rohde on May 17, 2016 07:00 am

We've started something new at Sketchnote Army—a podcast to share sketchnoting via conversations!

The Sketchnote Army Podcast

The Sketchnote Army Podcast will run in seasons, with 8 episodes per season. Mauro and I have recorded a first episode, talking about the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and apps we use for sketchnoting.

Mike & Mauro

Listen to Episode 1 of the podcast on SoundCloud:

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You can subscribe to the podcast through iTunes:

Episode 2 with Rob Dimeo

Rob DimeoOur next podcast will feature Rob Dimeo, talking about his path to sketchnoting, how he sketchnotes technical talks and how he uses his iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Subscribe to never miss an episode!

Give us feedback!

We want to make sure our podcast provides great insights for your sketchnoting journey. Subscribe to the podcast and share your thoughts with us here at Sketchnote Army!

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What make a Sketchnote a good Sketchnote?

By Mauro Toselli on May 16, 2016 07:00 am

This is a good question our friend Marc Bourguignon posed about 2 weeks ago.


As usual the prolific Sketchnoters Community didn't take to long to respond. Following there are all of the responses I found on Twitter. If I missed someone please, let us know through or submission form .











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Palliative Care Sketchnoted by Susan Newton

By Mauro Toselli on May 13, 2016 07:00 am

EOL Professionals

Today we feature the work by Susan Newton .

She wrote:

I am a palliative medicine doctor. I draw simple sketchnotes for patients, carers, and health care professionals, in order that the care of the dying is a little less mystifying and a little better in practice.

Don't miss other Susan's sketchnotes on her Flickr Album

Not an easy topic at all and I really love these crisp and clear sketchnotes.

I'm impressed Susan.

Thank you for sharing with us.

- Mauro 


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