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Sorry, I'm a few days late on this email. The last few days have been super busy and I'm just now getting a chance to get this issue together.

Last week I shared an article I wrote called, "The introverts guide to getting noticed." I wrote it in under two hours at Starbucks a few days before I published it. I didn't intend to write it, but it just kinda happened. It morphed out of another blog post I was trying to write at the time. 

I've had a TON of interest in the article. People are thanking me for publishing it, asking questions, and I've even had a few readers share some of their personal work with me. The response was overwhelming! To date, the article has been read well over 25,000 times. Not too bad for someone that started with zero traffic and zero readers a few weeks ago.

So, why am I telling you this? I've had people ask me to share the traffic and income stats. I'm happy to share the traffic stats (see above) however, that post had zero commercial intent behind it. There wasn't an agenda. It was simply something I wanted to share. BUT, it did give me valuable data on a market. It was a GREAT research tool. I highly recommend you try it. Pick a market, write something and share it. Then just listen. The market will respond. You'll get invaluable information and direction on what type of product you should build.

Give it a shot!

  • Drone map - A live map of known drones in the sky. With the the hot issue of privacy, this site could become very popular if you're able to find a reliable data source.
  • Rent a space - A website that brings shop owners and do-it-yourselfers together. Rent unused shop space on as as-needed basis. Automotive, woodworking etc
  • Promo share - get discounts and free tickets for promoting events via twitter. A mix between affiliate marketing and sponsorships
  • IT project time/cost estimating tool - Most existing solutions are painful to look at. A sexy UI might be the ticket to entry here.
  • Toy swap - Send your unused toys to other kids, you get a box in return. When you're done, ship them back for a new box. Netflix style model.

Helpful and fun stuff:
Photoshop v1.0's debut on The Today Show in 1990
Stripe's Bitcoin landing page - One of the best examples of web animation done right.
Sales strategy discussion board
A visual way to brainstorm your ideas

Have ideas you want to share? Send them! I'll include them (and credit you) in upcoming issues.

Get your work featured!
If you create something on this list and want it featured in the (soon to be added) “completed projects” gallery, send it to me! I'll also share each project in the upcoming newsletters.

Until next week.....
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