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Latest News on the ECI - Commission says "no" to ECI Revision

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1. EU Commission says "no" to ECI revision
2. Public hearing on the ECI
3. Join us at the ECI Day 2016, April 20th
4. Register now for "Democratic Participation in Citizens' Europe: What Next For the EU?" in Liverpool, May 5th

Dear friends of the ECI,
After a year-long review of the ECI, all three major EU institutions agreed that it needs improvement. Last October, the European Parliament overwhelmingly approved a report calling for an immediate revision of the ECI Regulation. This month, the Commission turned down this request.

ECI stakeholders from civil society were surprised and deeply disappointed by the Commission’s categorical refusal to honour the Parliament’s request. Commission officials have publicly admitted that the ECI does not work as well as it should. Yet they refuse to fix it.  

At this risky moment when multiple forces are pulling the EU apart, citizens need reasons to trust EU institutions and their leaders. They need assurance that the EU is democratic and will serve the common good. By refusing to reform the ECI, the Commission is telling citizens that they don’t trust them. Why then should citizens trust the EU? The smartest thing Commissioner Timmermans could do to preserve the Union is to demonstrate trust in EU citizens and revise the ECI now!

Join us in Brussels on 20 April for ECI Day as we join other ECI stakeholders to improve the ECI. Then follow us to Liverpool on 5 May for a joint activist-academic participatory event to explore the role of citizen participation in the future of the European project.

Best wishes from The ECI Campaign team. 


EU Commission says NO to ECI revision

After three months of silence, the Commission has finally responded in writing to the Parliament’s ECI resolution that was overwhelmingly approved in plenary on 28 October 2015. The Commission replied unequivocally and with no explanation or justification whatsoever “it is too early to launch a legislative revision of the Regulation”. Read more >>

EESC public hearing on the ECI

2016 is a key year for the future of the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI): the European Commission is revising the current regulation, various stakeholders have identified the major problems and made appropriate recommendations and now the EESC has decided to draw up an own-initiative opinion to present civil society’s views on the ECI and participatory democracy. Read more >>>

Join ECI Day 2016 at the EESC in Brussels!

Since the ECI Regulation is not to be revised this year, 2016's ECI Day will focus on how to make an ECI as effective as possible, regardless of whether it is successful, and the help available to organisers. We will strive to describe how organisers can deal with the difficulties encountered and why the rules must be simplified if Europeans' belief in their important role as joint policy makers is to be restored. Read more >>>

Join our conference in Liverpool!

We are co-organising an interactive conference in Liverpool, UK on 5 May 2016 entitled Democratic Participation in a Citizens’ Europe: What Next for the EU? It’ll bring together activists and academics who believe passionately in the need for more democratic participation in the EU and have ideas for how to make this a reality. If this describes you, please do join us! Read more >>>

ECI Revision Documents - All in One Place

In order to be up to date with the ongoing ECI discussions, we publish in one place all the relevant documents (reports, recommendations, notes etc.) produced by different ECI stakeholders. 
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ECI Calendar 

Stay updated on all ECI-related events. Click for more »


After consultation of all ECI campaigns, we have compiled 12 recommandations for improving significantly the European Citizens' Initiative to make it fulfil its potential as a transnational participatory democracy tool.
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An ECI that Works! Learning from the first years of the European Citizens' Initiative

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