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Marriage Rates and Millenials

Family and consumer studies professor Nick Wolfinger suggests that being surrounded by churchgoers reinforces a marriage-friendly environment for others.

Write for Rights

The Barbara & Norman Tanner Center for Human Rights and Amnesty International invited students to write letters to help convince government officials to free prisoners of conscience. 

Eyes on Aleppo

Political science professor Steven Lobell calls situation in Aleppo, "clearly a human tragedy." 

Nevada ranks 2nd in US for Elder-Abuse Protection

Sonia Salari, associate professor of family and consumer studies, explains that Nevada's rankings don't mirror the national trend due to the Elder Justice Act's lack of funding. 

A New Chapter for Gender and Ethnic Studies

The Gender Studies and Ethnic Studies programs have joined the newly launched School for Cultural and Social Transformation as campus divisions.

The "Grandmother Hypothesis"

Anthropologist Kristen Hawkes' explains why human females live so long and their role in parenting their children's children.

Congress is more bipartisan than suggested

While media headlines criticize Congressional processes, political science assistant professor James Curry argues that Congress still makes laws just as it always has.

U aims to build top Pacific Islander program

Anthropology assistant professor Adrian Bell comments, "That [Pacific Islander] heritage is not represented at the University," but explains that a growing effort exists to change that. 

How to break the silence and talk about suicide

Psychology professor and suicidologist Craig Bryan states that talking about suicide does not necessarily lead people to consider it as an option. 

Remembering OSH

Although the building will be missed, we eagerly await the new Carolyn and Kem Gardner Building!

An Idiot’s Guide to Progressive Activism in the Age of Trump

Family and consumer studies professor Nick Wolfinger urges you to become more politically active.

Chambless on Trump's Twitter

Associate professor lecturer of political science, Tim Chambless, comments on the President-elect's Twitter usage, calling it both, "dangerous" and "unprecedented."
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NCVS and 100 Women Who Care

Thanks to the Salt Lake Chapter of 100 Women Who Care, six Utah veterans will be able to participate in the R&R program through the National Center for Veterans Studies.
CSBS Director of Advising and Inclusion Bobbi Davis was recently awarded the NACADA Region 10’s Excellence in Advising for Advising Administrator!
Becky Utz, associate professor in sociology won this year's University of Utah’s Distinguished Teaching Award!
Liz Conradt, psychology assistant professor, has been announced as the winner of the 2017 Society for Researching Child Development Early Career Research Contributions Award!
Congratulations to political science assistant professor David Carter, who just received the American Society for Public Administrations Founders' Fellowship for 2017!

January 3 - January 30

CSBS Dean's Scholarships Available: January 3
Spring Semester Starts: January 9
Martin Luther King Jr. Day: January 17
C-FAHR Grant Writing Resources: January 23
Dean's List Breakfast: January 25

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