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CSBS Student Spotlight: Amanda Paige Styers

I was born and raised in North Pole, Alaska and moved to Utah in 2014 to attend the Universty. I'm currently a junior majoring in psychology and pre-physician assistant with a minor in health, in the hopes of becoming a physician assistant one day. Being raised in Alaska, we don't have the greatest healthcare education or opportunities that I was striving to have. I decided to leave Alaska in hopes of making a difference in women's health and pediatrics.


Sublimating Contentious Chinese Politics into Local Public Administration

Political science professor Rick Green recently coauthored an article analyzing the authoritarian governance and administrative responsibility in China.

Students Sign Steel Beam to Commemorate OSH

As construction begins on the new Carolyn and Kem Gardner Building, campus developers are asking students to leave their mark in time by signing a commemorative steel beam in the Union that will be built in with the new building.

Op-ed: Will the U.S. decline under Trump’s leadership?

According to political science professor Howard Lehman, the quality of Trump's leadership may be aiding the decline of the U.S.

Utah Economists Sign Letter Challenging Feds on Immigration

Economics chair and professor Tom Maloney is one of nearly 1,500 economists who joined together to sign a letter calling for the President and Congress to reevaluate their stance on immigration.

Can a Difficult Childhood Enhance Cognition?

Psychology professor Bruce Ellis points out that while there have been several studies on the deficits in children from high-stress backgrounds, this new study is the first systematic attempt to understand what might be beneficial.

Helping Veterans Heal Through Yoga

After overcoming feelings of depression through yoga, MPA student and veteran Keith Blanc now teaches classes specifically for other veterans on campus.

SlutWalk: Changing the Conversation about Sexual Assault

SlutWalk was organized by students united by the "Social Movements" sociology course to change attitudes toward rape at the U. The event brought together students from the course and across campus to bring awareness to the issue of rape culture and what campus resources exist for victims.

Human Rights Activist Sheryl WuDunn Speaks at the U On Women's Rights

The New York Times investigative journalist and Pulitzer Prize winning author declared women's rights one of the most salient issues of our generation, and covered topics from sex trafficking to women's education using stories from her travels.

Millennials More Likely Than Their Parents to Think Women's Place is in the Home

Research done by family and consumer studies assistant professor Dan Carlson shows that this attitude may result from millennials watching their parents balance two careers with little institutional support and deciding it was too stressful.

Why People Trophy Hunt

Anthropology professor Kristen Hawkes and assistant professor Brian Codding recently published findings of their study focused on providing an evolutionary explanation as to why people kill animals for trophy, as no other predator targets large, rare and dangerous animals with no intention of eating them.

Nature's Effect on Mental Health

More and more research is showing how much of a positive impact spending time in nature has on our mental health. Psychology professor David Strayer says that time in nature can improve creativity, increase problem solving ability and decrease stress levels.

Why You Feel the Urge to Jump

Research done by psychology professor Jeanine Stefanucci seeks to understand how our emotions, age and physical condition reflect how we relate to space, especially vertical space such as extreme heights.

Working to Help Refugees Achieve Academic Success

Family and consumer studies student Aziza Hussein comments on the resources available at the U to help refugee students like herself meet their academic and personal goals.

Fully Online Degree Programs Are Here!

Beginning in fall 2017, the U will offer fully online undergraduate degrees in economics and psychology, along with other majors across campus.

What the U and Other Colleges Are Quietly Doing to Help Undocumented Students

Sociology student Marisol Perez Gonzalez comments on the issues faced by colleges as they work to determine the best ways to help undocumented students be successful in college despite the current political climate.


Congratulations to this year's CSBS Student Research Day awardees:

1st  Place Undergraduate (tie)
Mohan Krishna Sudabattula – Health, Society, and Policy
Roxanne Lebenzon – Anthropology

3rd Place Undergraduate
Kimberly Sholler – Psychology

1st  Place Graduate (tie)
Tessa Sommer – Psychology
Devin Gill – Psychology

3rd Place Graduate
Kaylee Barket – Geography

Student Choice Award
Georgie Corkery - Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Departmental Award for highest participation
Congratulations to psychology graduate student Spencer Castro, who just competed in the Boston Marathon and finished 147 out of 30,000 with a time of 2 hours and 38 minutes.
Congratulations to political science student Kimberly Gabbitas, who received the best paper award for her research titled, "Trade Union Trade-Offs: Unions, Voters, and the Rise of Right-Wing Populism" at the 15th Claremont-University of California Undergraduate Research Conference on the European Union.
Congratulations to environmental and sustainability studies associate professor Adrienne Cachelin, who has been recognized with the 2017 Faculty Teaching Award for Innovation in General Education.
Congratulations to psychology professor Cecilia Wainryb, sociology assistant professor Marcel Paret, and environmental and sustainability studies associate professor Adrienne Cachelin  who have been awarded the 2016-2017 CSBS Superior Teaching Awards.
Congratulations to psychology professor Patricia Kerig and sociology professor Sarita Gaytán, the winners of the 2016-2017 CSBS Superior Research Awards.
Congratulations to psychology professor Bert Uchino, the recipient of the 2016-2017 CSBS Excellence in Mentoring Award.
Congratulations to family and consumer studies academic advisor Jenny Stout, who was recently awarded the 2016-2017 CSBS Staff Excellence Award.
Congratulations to family and consumer studies professor Don Herrin and sociology graduate student CoCo James, who are being honored with Career Services Recognition Awards.
Congratulations to economics professor Richard Fowles, who has been elected president of the American Economic Association's Transportation and Public Utilities Research Group.
Congratulations to political science assistant professor David Carter, who received Best Dissertation from the School of Public Affairs at the University of Colorado Denver.
Congratulations to political science assistant professor Jesus Valero, recipient of the Founders’ Fellowship and NP3 Scholarship from APSA. 
Honors Theses Mentors
Cihan Bilginsoy, Economics 
Thomas Maloney, Economics
Steven Lobell, Political Science
Peregrine Schwartz-Shea, Political Science 
Sheila Crowell, Psychology 
Claudia Geist, Sociology
Heather Melton, Sociology
2016-2017 Celebrate U Honorees

Jack Broughton, Anthropology
Nicholas Wolfinger, Family and Consumer Studies
Robert Argenbright, Geography
Christopher Simon, Political Science
Steven Lobell, Political Science
Mark Button, Political Science
Patricia Kerig, Psychology

Top Research
David Strayer, Psychology
Summer Rupper, Geography
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