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Arrival (12A) BOOK TICKETS
From Denis Villeneuve, the director of PRISONERS and SICARIO, ARRIVAL is a compelling tense science fiction thriller in the classic mould – but an alien movie that is fundamentally human. 

When 12 alien spacecraft land around the world, linguistics expert Dr. Louise Banks (Amy Adams) and theoretical physicist Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner) are recruited by the US military to obtain the answer to one question: "What do they want?" 11 other teams around the world are attempting to do the same... 
As gripping in the interpretation of a sentence as it is in the first sight of the aliens, ARRIVAL is a beautiful and haunting experience. From its arresting cinematography, captivating score and minimalist production design to another superb performance from Amy Adams, this is innovative and unique film-making of the very best kind.

"At a time when some of us, appalled by events on Earth, are looking to the stars for reassurance that love can indeed trump tragedy, Arrival may be just the poem we need; a departure from the dystopian visions which now appear all too real, a memory of a future in which light still shines in the darkness."
4/5 stars - The Guardian
 Today until Sunday

Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest 2016 BOOK TICKETS

Fringe! is a film and arts festival rooted in London's queer creative scene and welcoming everyone. 

Friday Nov 18 - Death Becomes Her - Late Show Scream-a-long - Hosted By Holestar 11.30PM

Saturday Nov 19 - Utopians 1.30PM - Sexy pansexual treat whets all appetites with full frontal nudity, philosophical ruminations and seriously lush cinematography.

Saturday Nov 19 - AWOL 3.30PM - A young woman adrift amidst the expectations of family and society in her small town.

Sunday Nov 20 - You'll Never Be Alone 1PM - Teddy Award-winner about forbidden lust set in Chilean backdrop of Santiago.

Sunday Nov 20 - Strike A Pose 3.30PM - Stalls SOLD OUT, the last 40 circle seats available - hurry !

Tonight at 11.30pm - Stalls seats almost sold out, circle seats available - book your tickets now!
Fringe Fest and HOLESTAR Present...
Death Becomes Her (18) BOOK TICKETS
Fringe! is delighted to be screening the poisonously camp DEATH BECOMES HER, hosted by Holestar. Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn are the original frenemies, who after drinking potions that gives them eternal life, ought not to get killed.
The two channel their undead drag queens and spit every bitchy line (aided by an ageless, iconic Isabella Rosselini). It is impossible to know if the filmmakers knew this dark comedy would have eternal youth amongst queers everywhere.

"it has in the years since its unassuming 1992 theatrical run become one of the great unspoken cult classics for gay (male) audiences. It shares space with that rarified class, including Auntie Mame and Grey Gardens, of films that don't contain so much as a whiff of explicit homosexuality, but seem within their very DNA to radiate a gay sensibility—true examples of cinematic “nature, not nurture.” One could go so far as to call Death Becomes Her one of the gayest films Hollywood ever released to have been made by almost exclusively straight filmmakers"
Slant Magazine
Saturday Nov 26 at 11.30am
As If There Was Nothing Else - Como Se Não Existisse Nada   BOOK TICKETS
“Como se não existisse nada” is a documentary by Sibila Lind in partnership with PÚBLICO, a portuguese newspaper. 

Querubim Lapa was already known as the “Master” in the halls of António Arroio School when Susana appeared in one of his pottery classes. He was 53 years old, she was 17. They stayed together, split and remained apart for 17 years until they reunited. Querubim, known as the most important Portuguese ceramist of the 20th century, found in Susana his main source of inspiration. In their house, the paintings, notebooks and tiles that fill the rooms have all one thing in common: a portrait.

Sibila Lind was born in Braga in 1990. She graduated in Multimedia Arts, in 2011, in the University of Fine Arts in Lisbon and four years later finished her Master in Journalism with an honourable mention. She won the Journalism award “Gazeta Revelação” in 2015 and currently works as a multimedia journalist in the Portuguese newspaper PÚBLICO. Photographer, filmmaker and journalist, she intends to connect storytelling with the visual universe of art.

The documentary will be followed by a Q&A with the Director and Susana Lapa.

Other Highlights coming soon...

Sunday Dec 11 is Blue Velvet day at the RIO
Blue Velvet (18) BOOK TICKETS
At 2pm
Whether as one of the all-time greats, as one of the standout films of the 1980s, as one of the best examples of American surrealism or as one of the finest of David Lynch movies, it is time to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of BLUE VELVET. There's an opportunity to see, or see again, a landmark movie which has inspired countless tributes, cultural references and parodies but still remains as subversive, surreal and shocking as it did in 1986.

Blue Velvet Revisited - The Documentary (15) BOOK TICKETS
At 4.30pm
Based on hours of footage exclusively filmed and photographed on the set of the film, Peter Braatz's documentary is a stunning and evocative record of the making of an iconic cult classic. Among the highlights: Isabella Rossellini singing Blue Velvet live, David Lynch directing Laura Dern, Dean Stockwell saying the film will be “really funny”, Dennis Hopper theorising that the director is exploring his subconscious, and Lynch himself, in an electrifying monologue, predicting the evolution of digital cinema. With an all-new soundtrack by veteran experimental rockers Tuxedomoon, among others, and stylish screen titles by David Bowie’s favourite album sleeve designer Jonathan Barnbrook, BLUE VELVET REVISITED is an unmissable and inspirational homage to movie-making.
Friday Nov 25 to Thur Dec 1

Paterson (15)  BOOK TICKETS

Jim Jarmusch, one of the most audacious and pleasurable of modern film-makers, is in top form with a wonderfully funny and warm meditation on everyday life.
Adam Driver is Paterson, a bus driver and poet in the city of Paterson, New Jersey, which was home to the poet William Carlos Williams, one of whose most famous poems is titled Paterson… Paterson gets up each day and drives his bus, while drawing inspiration for the poetry he shyly loves to write from the ostensibly mundane things that occur while he is on his route. His wife Laura stays at home, where she paints, designs, learns the guitar and ponders career options, overseen by the couple’s English bulldog (Cannes Palm Dog award winner Nellie, R.I.P.) From these seemingly inauspicious minutiae Jarmusch weaves a tapestry of honest, hopeful small-town life that is rich in comic detail and genuine warmth.
Thursday Dec 1 at 9pm
Nick Cave - One More Time With Feeling (15) BOOK TICKETS
For one showing only, the return of the Nick Cave/Andrew Dominik collaboration which in September spectacularly marked the release of 'Skeleton Tree', the sixteenth studio album from Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.

Originally a performance based concept, ONE MORE TIME WITH FEELING evolved into something much more significant as Dominik delved into the tragic backdrop of the writing and recording of the album. Interwoven throughout the Bad Seeds’ filmed performance of the new album are interviews and footage shot by Dominik, accompanied by Cave’s narration and improvised rumination.

Filmed in black-and-white, colour, and 3D, the result is fragile, raw and a true testament to an artist trying to find his way through the darkness.

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