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Agistment options for your fermenting livestock!

The Kitchen Elf and I have recently returned from a fabulous 3-month holiday where we visited family in Scotland, Ireland and Italy. What a fantastic experience that was!

Knowing we would be away for such a length of time meant I had to think about how my 'fermenting' livestock would be fed and cared for. For some, that meant checking into a hotel, while others needed babysitters.

For my kombucha SCOBYs, I simply fed them a normal brew in their 4 litre brewing vessels, put the lids on and stored them in the fridge.  The SCOBYs were happy in their cool hotel. When I returned, I removed them from the fridge and picked out new SCOBYs with some brew to start new batches. I also added some fresh tea and sugar mixture to the SCOBY hotel.   The first brew was ready in 14 days.

Kombucha SCOBYs checked in!

My milk kefir grains went to a babysitter who kept them in a jar of milk in the  fridge. This cool temperature ensured the activity was low but it was enough to keep the grains alive. The carer strained and fed the grains in the hotel every week. The grains are back home and we’re enjoying daily milk kefir again. We REALLY missed our morning drink of milk kefir in Europe. I’ll tell you about finding milk kefir and other fermented foods in Europe in next month's newsletter.

My 1-year old sourdough starter was entrusted to another babysitter, who used and fed it regularly. Since our return, I’ve been making sourdough bread and sourdough fruit scones with the starter.

The ginger and turmeric bugs checked into a hotel. I simply fed them, put the lids on the jars and stored them in the fridge. When I returned, I removed them from the fridge and fed them daily for 4 days to get the bubbles I was looking for. With the strained bug I had turmeric lime lime soda and ginger beer brewing in bottles after 6 days. They went in the fridge, ready to drink, 9 days after landing home.

Turmeric & Ginger bugs "on holiday"!

There was no way Mario and I could eat all the jars of fermented fruit and vegetables that were in the fermenting fridge before we left, so it’s been interesting to see what they were like after 3 months. So after sitting in the fridge for that time, what did we notice? Well the sauerkraut, kimchi, zucchini relish, nut butter and bean paste were delicious. The kombucha and Turmeric lime soda were delicious too. They were a very welcome part of our diet when we landed!

Fermented Food "in the news"

Join the fermentation frenzy
An excellent excellent article summarising where fermenting has been and why it is gaining popularity.

Your child's microbiome, and why its health matters
"For children to be healthy, their intestinal microbes have to be healthy, too, and microbial health is determined by factors as diverse as what children eat, the medicines they take, how much time they spend outside, and even how they were delivered."

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I look forward to hearing from you.
Regards, Ros
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Introduction to Fermented Foods – vegetables, fruit, dairy & kombucha
$65/person         19 November (full)
$75/person         28 January 2017
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More Fermented vegetables, fruit, dairy & kombucha
$100/person         11 February 2017
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Fementing nuts, turmeric, ginger, beans, chickpeas & more kombucha
$100/person         4 March 2017
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Fermenting rice, oats, lentils and sourdough
$100/person         4 February 2017
           Morning tea provided; participants will receive a workbook with recipes.

Workshop 4.0    Nuts, fruit drinks, low-tech yoghurt & cheese
$75/person         26 November 2016 ( 4 places available)
         Morning tea provided; participants will receive a workbook with recipes.
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