New Year - new opportunities for better health!

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Happy New Year!

Saturday and private workshops have started again for 2017.  I love hearing how you are all progressing with fermenting and receiving photos and questions.

This testimonial just made our year!

“… since your workshop, kefir, kombucha and cultured veggies have become a part of daily life for me. They really are amazing aren’t they? Thanking you for your time and for the great workshops which changed my life.  With gratitude, <name withheld>"

I often hear the question “How do you add fermented foods to your diet?”  Simply add one variety of fermented food - at a time - to suit your lifestyle. 

Example: My brother-in-law - who's been using fermented foods for 7 years - makes himself a healthy breakfast smoothie: kombucha, milk kefir and whatever vegetables are available. He particularly likes to add one zucchini, one beetroot, one tomato and one carrot.  

Fermented Food . . . "in the news"

Kombucha and Kimchi help to lower the risk of disease and improve your digestive health.  What to Know About the 5 Next Superfoods

More good news for fermented foods eaters!! We know that 'lactic acid' bacteria (Lactobacillales) in kefir, sauerkraut and kimchi enhance our gut health and our immune system, but it appears that they can also defend us from many of the "nasty" bacteria too!  Probiotics in salads probed as solution to Salmonella outbreaks in bagged mixes

"The benefits of bacteria in our bodies—especially our gut."
5 Foods That Help Gut Bacteria Flourish—and Why That’s a Good Thing

New Year - new & updated workshop content!

All the Fermented Food workshops have been updated and refreshed - for all the details check out our Workshops page at:

Introduction to fermenting vegetables, fruit, dairy & kombucha
$75     Learn how to ferment:
  • Quark, butter, cream
  • Milk kefir, coconut kefir
  • Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Tomato salsa
  • Fruit and nut medley
  • First ferment Kombucha
More fermented vegetables, fruit, dairy & kombucha
$100   Learn how to ferment:
  • Yoghurt, Labneh cheese, kefir cheese
  • ice cream, probiotic mousse
  • zucchini relish, onion relish
  • apple sauce
  • 2nd ferment kombucha
Fermenting nuts, turmeric, ginger, beans, chick peas and more kombucha
$100  Learn how to ferment:
  • Fermented nuts, flavoured nuts
  • Nut meal, nut flour, nut butter
  • Nut cheese
  • Turmeric lime soda, ginger beer
  • Bean paste, Hummus
  • Kombucha vinegar and its many uses
Fermenting rice, oats, lentils and sourdough
$100  Learn how to ferment:
  • Porridge, Rice, Lentils,
  • how to make Dosa and Idli
  • Sourdough starter, sourdough loaf
  • Sourdough flat bread, and pancakes
  • Sourdough chocolate cake, and banana muffins
Making traditional pasta, sourdough pasta & vegetable sauces
$75  Learn how to make:
  • Traditional pasta
  • Sourdough pasta
  • Traditional tomato sauce
  • Mediterranean pesto sauce

Probiotics "on the go"!

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You can always view previous editions of this Newsletter at our website:

We look forward to hearing about your fermenting adventures!

Regards, Ros
Current 2017 Workshop Schedule

If you have a PayPal account, you can now pay for your workshop directly, by sending the course fee to
Confirm your enrolment with PayPal. Remember to send a message, stating which course you wish to attend.

use your Surname as the payment reference.)

Introduction to Fermented Foods – vegetables, fruit, dairy & kombucha
$75/person        25 February (workshop full!)
                             11 March  (3 seats available)
                             25 March, 22 April, 6 May 
          Morning tea provided; participants will receive a workbook with recipes.

More Fermented vegetables, fruit, dairy & kombucha
$100/person         18 March
           Morning tea provided; participants will receive a workbook with recipes.
Fementing nuts, turmeric, ginger, beans, chickpeas & more kombucha
$100/person         4 March
           Morning tea provided; participants will receive a workbook with recipes.
Fermenting rice, oats, lentils and sourdough
$100/person         20 May 
           Morning tea provided; participants will receive a workbook with recipes.

Making traditional pasta, sourdough pasta & vegetable sauces
$75/person         18 February    (10am start)
           Pasta feast for lunch! Participants will receive a guidebook and recipes.
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