“The problem with killing 99.9 percent of bacteria is that most of them protect us from the few that can make us sick.”- Sandor Katz

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Green tea kombucha

I like the flavour of green tea and wondered how easy it would be to make kombucha on green tea. I’ve been brewing kombucha on organic black tea bags for many years. The scoby feeds on tea and sugar so I couldn’t see any difficulty in converting the scoby to green tea kombucha. I had been warned that the scoby might take a long time to convert the green tea feed to kombucha but, really, it was easy.

I simply took a scoby sitting in some black tea kombucha and added a feed of green tea, sugar and water.  The scoby just kept producing green tea flavoured kombucha in the same timeframe.  I really like the flavour of green tea kombucha – it’s a much softer flavour to black tea.

The image on the left compares the black and green tea kombuchas.  The middle image shows a green tea kombucha SCOBY, ready to be fed. The image on the right shows a black tea kombucha SCOBY, ready to be fed.  

Remember you can make kombucha on any tea as long as the tea contains no oils. Sadly, peppermint and Earl Grey tea contain oils, so beware.

And remember: Not all tea bags are the same!

Look carefully at the net weight, and work out how many bags makes 28grams. For the 3 brands of organic tea illustrated here, that's 6 bags, 14 bags, and 18 bags, respectively.

Fermented foods and sugar

I’ve had several questions lately about the sugar content of fermented foods and drinks.  People ask because they are concerned they are receiving a dose of unwelcome sugar.  The good news is that sugars in fruit, vegetables and drinks like kombucha are consumed by the microorganisms and converted into beneficial enzymes and lactic acid. The lactic acid is what gives the fermented food and drinks that sour taste.

For further reading, in our "News", we've supplied 2 articles from Sarah Wilson. One is a general summary of the benefits of fermented foods while the other is all about kombucha.

Fermented Foods ... "in the news"

"Fermenting converts sugars – glucose, fructose and sucrose – into cellular energy and a metabolic byproduct (lactic acid),which in turn produces fantastic digestive enzymes and healthy gut flora and cuts the sugar content of a food… all in one!" Read more here ... 7 health-boosting benefits of fermented foods

Sarah Wilson on how to make (almost sugar-free) fermented kombucha
You've heard it said: ... "You are what you eat."
This short (5 minutes!) TED video is a good introduction to share with family and friends about the health benefits of a fibre-rich diet, and using fermented foods to add beneficial bacteria to your gut. View it here.

New Year - new & updated workshop content!

The Fermented Food workshops have been updated and refreshed - for all the details check out our Workshops page at:

Remember, you and your friends can schedule a private workshop (minimum 4 attendees) - let us know!

Scheduled for 5 August!
10am - 1pm
Making traditional pasta, sourdough pasta & vegetable sauces  $75/person 
Learn how to make:
  • Traditional pasta
  • Sourdough pasta
  • Traditional tomato sauce
  • Mediterranean pesto sauce

Probiotics "on the go"!

Modere Probiotic is a core element for our gut health - it helps to creates a balanced gut environment where the good bacteria can flourish, wherever we go!

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Modere has a wide range of cost-effective, everyday essential personal & home care products.  We use Modere products because they are safe to use, and they work.

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You can always view previous editions of this Newsletter at our website:

We look forward to hearing about your fermenting adventures!

Regards, Ros
Current 2017 Workshop Schedule

You can pay for your workshop directly ...
  1. preferred method: via Internet Banking (name: Roslyn Bono, bsb 064012, acc# 10086583), or
  2. or send the course fee (+ $3) to confirm your enrolment with PayPal ($3 to cover PayPal admin fee).
Remember to send a message, stating which course you wish to attend, and use your Surname as the payment reference.

Introduction to Fermented Foods – vegetables, fruit, dairy & kombucha
$75/person       22 April 
                            6 May     (1 seat available)
                          15 July,  29 July
          Morning tea provided; participants will receive a workbook with recipes.

More Fermented vegetables, fruit, dairy & kombucha
$100/person         22 July
           Morning tea provided; participants will receive a workbook with recipes.
Fementing nuts, turmeric, ginger, beans, chickpeas & more kombucha
$100/person         13 May  (3 seats available)
           Morning tea provided; participants will receive a workbook with recipes.
Fermenting rice, oats, lentils and sourdough
$100/person         20 May  (2 seats available)
           Morning tea provided; participants will receive a workbook with recipes.

Making traditional pasta, sourdough pasta & vegetable sauces
$75/person           5 August
           Pasta feast for lunch! Participants will receive a guidebook and recipes.
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