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Jars, jars, jars.

I have 3 boxes of glass bottles and jars that I’m continually cycling through.  Some types I will never buy again while others are my favourites.  So what do I look for in a jar?  I look for a wide mouthed jar with a good seal on the lid. I’ve noticed how the lid seals on jars I bought from the $2 shops have deteriorated with use, as has the metal holding the lids on fido jars.  

My favourites are the Bormioli Rocco Quattro Stagione jars in 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre and 1.5 litres capacity and their 1 litre bottles.  If you need 3, 4, or 5 litre glass containers, then try Ozfarmers at

So where do I go to buy more jars? This year I’ve discovered a local online website Glass Jars With Lids .  Their prices are great for large number of jars.
Then there is Kitchenware Direct, Ozfarmers and Peter’s of Kensington who are all good standbys for online shopping.  

This Easter weekend (till Monday 6 April), if you shop with Kitchenware Direct, enter the code FREESHIPPING and you get free shipping on the order! 

Other useful fermenting equipment
While I adapt as much of my kitchen equipment as possible, I’ve found there are a few utensils that are essential.

Besides a good knife and cutting board, a wide mouth pouring funnel is fantastic to fill jars with all kinds of ferments like sauerkraut, beans, tomato salsa, nut cheese, jam, fruit kimchi and zucchini relish. No more spills!  Contact me if you’d like to purchase one.
I’ve also found a supply of small capacity ladles which are ideal for scooping out turmeric bug, sourdough starter, whey, and for filling small bottles and ice cream molds.

A bottle brush is also essential to scrub those stubborn marks on bottles. I’m still on the trail of a kitchen tool used to pack fruit and vegetables firmly into jars - the Kitchen Elf may have found a solution!!

Cleaning up your home
A recent ABC Catalyst  program has highlighted the potential impact that modern living imposes on our bodies through harmful ingredients that we use everyday. The program - Our Chemical Lives - was aired on 31 March and can be viewed here:

Click HERE to view  (you can also download the program, and read the program transcript.)

What's really concerning is that "there's no requirement to show that these chemicals are actually safe before people are exposed to them." (Professor Peter Sly, Deputy Director, Qld Children’s Medical Research Institute). 

Further there have been NO long-term (more that 10 years) studies of the cumulative effects of combinations of these chemicals in the human body.

I know the benefits of removing these chemicals from the everyday products in our home - we changed brands and use Neways products.  Contact me and I can help you get access to these safe and effective products.

Schedule your own workshop.
Remember - you can arrange a group of 3 to 6 attendees and suggest a suitable date for any workshop. I’ve also attached the workshop dates for the next few months.
I look forward to hearing from you.

2015 Workshop - Schedule

Workshop 1.0 - Fermenting dairy, fruit, vegetables, tea 

9:30am – 12:30pm    $60 includes morning tea and workbook
Saturday – 18 April,  9 May

Workshop 2.0 - Fermenting grains, legumes and beans 
9.00am – 1.00pm    $80 includes brunch and workbook 
Saturday – 16 May

Workshop 3.0 - Fermented jam, sauce, relish, mash & ice cream 
9.30am – 12.30pm    $60 includes morning tea and workbook 
Saturday – 23 May

Workshop 4.0 - Fermented nuts, fruit drinks & low tech yoghurt and cheese
9.30am – 12.30pm    $70 includes morning tea and workbook
Saturday – 30 May

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