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This month I’m sharing what happens when you think you can put the last spoonful in the fermenting jar and ignore the 3 fingers rule.

The 3 fingers rule is:
Leave the width of 3 fingers to the top of the jar to prevent the bubbling, fermented food spilling out and making a mess. 

If it’s tomato salsa or kimchi, it doesn’t seem too big a job to wipe up the excess liquid.  If it’s fermenting jam then the mixture explodes, pushing off the lid and splatting all over your fermenting cupboard. If it happens to you, I hope you have a kind kitchen elf that will clean it all up. I have!


I’ve been putting my semi-retirement to good use by working on a fourth fermented food workshop. It will be Workshop 4.0 - Fermented nuts, fruit drinks, low tech yogurt and cheeses
  • Did you know fermenting nuts removes the phytates that cause digestive disturbances? Fermenting makes nuts easy to digest.
  • Learn how to ferment nuts and make nut meal, nut flour, nut butter and nut cheese. Fermenting also removes the phytates in chick peas.
  • Learn how to ferment hummus.
  • Learn how to make yogurt, kefir cheese and labneh (Middle Eastern cheese balls).
  • Learn how to ferment fruit juices to make refreshing pro biotic drinks like sparkling apple and orange.
We’ll also revisit kombucha and you’ll learn 2 persuasive ways to serve kombucha to reluctant family members!  This workshop will begin on March 7.
I look forward to hearing from you.

2015 Workshop - Schedule

Workshop 1.0 - Fermenting dairy, fruit, vegetables, tea 

9:30am – 12:30pm    $60 includes morning tea and workbook
Saturday – 14 February, 14 March, 18 April,  9 May
Wednesday – 25 February

Workshop 2.0 - Fermenting grains, legumes and beans 
9.00am – 1.00pm    $80 includes brunch and workbook 
Saturday – 28 February, 28 March, 16 May
Monday – 9 February

Workshop 3.0 - Fermented jam, sauce, relish, mash & ice cream 
9.30am – 12.30pm    $60 includes morning tea and workbook 
Saturday – 21 March, 23 May
Wednesday  – 11 February

Workshop 4.0 - Fermented nuts, fruit drinks & low tech yoghurt and cheese
9.30am – 12.30pm    $70 includes morning tea and workbook
Saturday – 7 March, 28 March, 30 May

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