A Message from Kirk Morrison, CPFF President:
It’s been a busy fall at CPFF. Thanks to everyone for their support of the September bubble blowing campaign, and to those who participated in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge run/walk. In addition to being a lot of fun, both served us well in raising awareness about PF, and the $19,000 raised from the Scotiabank Charity Challenge run/walk exceeded our expectations. As well, a special thanks to the Maloni family for their current fundraising drive in memory of their mother Parkash Kaur Ahluwalia Maloni by brothers Parvinder and Narinder Maloni.
The Board has also been very busy with Sharon, our Executive Director in developing a Business Plan and budget for 2019. We’ve got some lofty goals for our organization which serves over 30,000 Canadians afflicted with PF, along with their families and caregivers. Here are a few of the things that we would like to do:
  • Provide more support to our 14 Patient Support Groups across the country, connect more people to these groups, and start-up new ones. 
  • Fund more research – beyond the $220,000 which we were able to support in 2018. 
  • Advocate for improved access to oxygen
  • Refresh our website, and enhance our social media platform to improve access to the latest information on PF.
  • Raise awareness about PF in both the medical community and within government.
In order to do all of these things well, we need to hire staff to support Sharon on these goals, and so our 2019 Business Plan and budget are based on adding staff to support communications, fundraising and book keeping. The organization has built up a strong balance sheet and so we will draw on these reserves for a few years while our fundraising becomes sufficiently mature to support the organization sustainably.
So you will see that a big focus of our efforts going forward will be to raise funds to support all four pillars of our Strategic Plan i.e.: Raise Awareness; Fund Research; Support PF Patients and Caregivers; and Advocacy.  We’ll be looking for contributions from industry, government and individuals. Within this newsletter you will see some specific opportunities for individuals to donate ranging from donating your old car, to a great article from Robert on legacy giving.

Thanks again for all of your support over the year.
Kirk Morrison
CPFF President
A Message from Executive Director, Sharon Lee:
Looking for the perfect Christmas Gift?
If you’re looking for some last minute gift ideas, why not consider a donation to the Canadian Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (CPFF) in honour of someone who has been touched by pulmonary fibrosis (PF). Your gift will help to raise awareness of PF, fund patient support, and research for a cure! 
If you make a donation in honour of someone touched by PF, at your request, we will notify her or him of your thoughtful donation by sending a card in the mail.
Let your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues know that the perfect Christmas gift is at their fingertips, all perfectly wrapped!
Sincerest wishes for a happy and healthy holiday!
 Sharon Lee
Executive Director
Thank you!
The Canadian Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation Board of Directors, would like to take this opportunity to thank you our volunteers, donors and CPFF Patient groups for your continued support during 2018. You made our events, Forever Lungs ($38,000), Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month Campaign – Blowing Bubbles for those who can’t (sharing stories and pictures) and our participation in the Scotiabank Charity Challenge ($19,000), huge successes!
Click here to see the Blowing Bubbles vignette in case you missed it!
In the Community:
Scotiabank Charity Challenge - $19,000
The Canadian Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (CPFF) thanks all of our participants who ran or walked on Sunday October 21, 2018. Special thanks to all of our supporters who made a donation to this event. 
  • Shannon Barber
  • Donna Brown
  • Larry Clark
  • Heather Davidson
  • Sharon Lee
  • Shirlee Lee
  • Jelena Leung
  • Melissa Micheli
  • Erica Morra
  • Oriana Morra
  • Stefani Morra
  • Akshay Patel
  • Brendan Rose
  • Amber Scarland
  • Carla Uruena
Did you know...
You can donate your car and the proceeds can be donated to Canadian Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (CPFF). Now's your chance to get rid of your old clunker and support CPFF at the same time! 
Visit to find out how you can do this
A Message from Robert Davidson on LEGACY GIVING:
You’ve registered to be an organ donor after death and for that, thank you, but there is more you can do.
Pulmonary Fibrosis (PF) is a rare and fatal disease, without any cure, that few people have heard of. The only intervention known to prolong life is a lung transplant and these are very rare. More research is needed so that a cure may be found. For that, money is needed. We at the Canadian Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (CPFF) seek out and fund viable research projects that will, we hope, lead to that cure. 
Each Research Grant request is reviewed by our Medical Advisory Board to find the best research projects in Canada that we can help fund. We also support patients in this difficult time and raise awareness of the disease. Your gifts go to work in Canada. Our grants are extremely valuable to researchers.
One very effective way to help us is by remembering the Foundation in your will with a Legacy Bequest. Such a Bequest when included in your will can result in a valuable tax credit for your final year of earnings and the year preceding the year of your death.  It may also be used for any income earned by your estate after your death.  This is a valuable benefit to your beneficiaries, usually your family. It may be worth up to 54% of the value of the donation.
In addition, if you donate property such as certain stocks and shares then the amount of the donation is equal to the value of the property but there is no taxable capital gain reported on the disposition. Usually when a property is deemed sold on death any gain is taxable to the estate.
John is deceased, was married to Jane and they lived in Ontario.   In his final year he had income from various pensions of $80,000. Jane had pension income of $30,000.  John also owned investments that cost $10,000 but were worth $20,000 at the time of his death.
Without any donations provided for in his will John (his estate) has a final tax bill of $20,990
If John had made a Bequest to CPFF of $20,000 then his estate tax bill would be $11,740, a saving of $9,240
If John made a $20,000 Bequest in his will but had instructed the Executor to satisfy the donation by transferring the investments to CPFF then his estate’s tax bill would only be $8,260
A saving of $12,730
CPFF qualifies as a Charitable Organisation for the purpose of the Charitable Donation tax credit.  This is important and the bequest in your will should make sure to stipulate that any charitable donation may only be made to a qualified Charitable Organisation.
You may designate your bequest to be used for Research, Support or Awareness.  You may also allow us to use the gift for administrative purposes.  Be sure to make it clear if you have a preference. Everybody’s circumstance differ so check with your advisors as to how much you may donate.  Your lawyer can help with the proper wording in your will which may be different in each Province.
Here is what I wrote in my Ontario will
, I direct my Trustee as follows:
a.         on the thirtieth day following the date of my death and provided that the Canadian Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation (“the Charity”) is a Registered Canadian Charity in good
standing and registered as such with Canada Revenue Agency, my Trustee shall make the donation of $_________(amount in words ,dollars) to the aforementioned Charity.  
To this you may choose to add one of the following options:
Option 1 The whole of the bequest is unrestricted as to use by the Charity,
Option 2 The whole of the bequest may only be used to fund Canadian Research into pulmonary fibrosis treatments and care.  No part of the bequest may be used for administrative purposes by the Charity;
Option 3 The whole of the bequest may be allocated by the charity to fund Canadian Research into pulmonary fibrosis treatments and patient support at the Charity’s discretion.
Show how much you care.  Make a bequest today.  Don’t forget to chat with your family about this so they don’t get any surprises
when your will is read after your death.
Robert Davidson,
Founder & Board Director
Support Groups:
Nova Scotia, Sydney Cape Breton:
Pat Popwell
John Denis and Jerry Craig
New Brunswick, St. John:
Tammie Fournier
Prince Edward Island, Stratford:
Rosemary Matthews
Elizabeth Wiseman
Mandy Ettinger
London, ON:
Tim Brady
Chatham-Kent, ON:
Mary Lou Handysides
Stephen Binch 
York Region/Newmarket:
Gary Ford
Niagara-on-the-Lake Area:
Terry Hardy
Amy Webb and Debbie Homik
Kirk Mathison and Darlene Gallant 
George Kaminski

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