How to advocate for yourself in your relationships
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Living with Adult ADHD
3 Steps to a Happier Ever After
Is Your ADHD Ruining Your Happily Ever After?
It seems, at times, your partner is moving in slow motion while your feet move to a dizzying tempo. You think, “Why do I always have to slow down? Why doesn’t anyone try, just for one day, to keep up with me?”

This is not an idle question. A strong relationship is one that values your ADHD traits. How to help your partner see the world through your eyes and appreciate the joy you bring to your shared lives? Exercises to reinforce your bond »
Rule #2: Ban Negative Thoughts
Tame Your Temper Triggers
What causes your anger to flare? Learn how to identify your hot buttons and use these strategies to keep your cool.
ADHD anger management techniques →
“What is Wrong With Me? Nothing at All, I Understand at Last”
"Actually, Nothing Is 'Wrong' with Me"
"Some of my worst memories are from the dinner table. My father would shout, 'Jon, stop it. What's wrong with you?' He taught me that my need to move was shameful."
We shouldn't be asked to change →
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“Take It One Step at a Time”
Just Take the First Step
How to overcome inertia when the whole project is too much to deal with? Reduce it to the smallest possible first step, even if it's literally just putting one foot on the floor.
Transition tricks →
Overwhelmed by Organization Tasks
"But I Can't Do Y Until I Do X..."
Q: "I have a very hard time getting organized because one thing always seems to be contingent upon another."
Overcoming circular thinking →
Webinar on June 16: Relationship Rehab
Relationship Rehab
How to move forward if COVID-related stress & disruptions to your routine have strained your partnership. Register »
Webinar on June 25: Coping with Anxiety and Adult ADHD In the COVID-19 World
Anxiety in a COVID World
Learn about the ADHD-anxiety link, plus coping strategies during these unprecedented times. Register »
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