How to manage powerful ADHD emotions
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Living with Adult ADHD
"I Don't Know How to Express My Feelings"
What Emotional Type Are You?
How do you manage the larger-than-life emotions that come with ADHD? Some try to hold it all in and sublimate their feelings; others blast out in anger. What emotional type are you? Figure out, and learn healthier ways to express yourself »
“ADHD Impulsivity Has Been a Deciding Factor in My Life… Seldom for the Best.”
"Impulsivity Has Been a Deciding Factor in My Life…"
"In college, I would instantly drop out of a course if I was bored or confused. A few years ago, I changed jobs 8 times in less than 2 years."
"I'm a reactor instead of an actor"
A Career Happiness Formula for Adults with ADHD
A Career Happiness Formula
Fact: ADHD symptoms create challenges on the job. Fact: Adults with ADD are unstoppable when they tap into their passions & find creative workarounds for those challenges.
Do what you love. Seriously. →
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“Last Night I Fell in Love… with My ADHD Squad”
"Another ADHD Trait to Admire: We Love to Help"
"Last night, a fellow member of my online ADHD support group asked for hobby ideas — and more than 175 people offered suggestions."
I ♥ my ADHD squad →
“Q: How Can I Prioritize My Brain Dumps Into To-Do Lists?”
"How Can I Prioritize My Brain Dumps?"
Q: "I am overwhelmed by my to-dos. I just list everything I need to do on one page, with no rhyme or reason."
See the answer →
October 5: The Whole-Person Treatment Approach to ADHD
Treating the Whole Person
Learn about the integrative approach to treating ADHD, including nutrition, supplements, acupuncture, and more.
Webinar on October 20: ADHD Ages & Stages Part 3: Adults
ADHD in Adults
ADHD Ages & Stages webinar #3: The unique challenges — and proven solutions — in adulthood. Register »
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