Week 5 Class: Diet & Nutrition for ADHD
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8-Week Parenting Class from ADDitude
The ADHD Diet Plan: Healthy Foods and Supplements for Kids & Adults

The ADHD Food Fix
Studies show that following certain dietary rules can help keep ADHD symptoms in check. Many parents are eager to try this route, but don't know where to start. Dr. Sandy Newmark shares his food rules to help you get smart about nutrition. The ADHD diet plan »

The Truth About Food Dyes and ADHD: What Science Tell Us
The Truth About Food Dyes and ADHD
Evidence supports what many parents have noticed — that synthetic dyes affect their child's hyperactivity, behavior, and irritability. Learn more »
What If Paleo Really Is the Answer?
Time to Clean Up Your Child's Diet?
Studies show that a high-protein, low-sugar, no-additive diet is best for ADHD. Learn the new food rules and get family meal ideas here »
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Omega 3s: The Ultimate (ADHD) Brain Food
Omega-3s Optimize the ADHD Brain
Fish oil capsules or liquids can reduce hyperactivity and inattention in children with ADHD, and improve memory, learning, and sleep.
9 Nutrition Tricks for Picky Eaters
Nutrition Tricks for Picky Eaters
Sensory issues, ODD or appetite-suppressing medication can make children with ADHD especially selective about the foods they eat. Here's help »
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An educational resource for parents and caregivers of children and adolescents living with ADHD. The site is filled with information designed to support those living with ADHD, and offers support and resources to address many of the treatment complexities that can be associated with an ADHD diagnosis.
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