Week 8 Class: Controlling Emotions & Keeping Friends
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8-Week Parenting Class from ADDitude
Take a Deep Breath: Teaching Kids to Control Emotions

Take a Deep Breath: Teaching Emotional Control
Meltdowns happen. But children with ADHD need special strategies for reliably controlling their impulsive reactions. Teach your child how to keep his cool by recognizing his feelings and devising a plan for coping with emotional upset.

The ADHD Soul Shine Kit: Build Your Child’s Self Esteem
Nourish Your Child's Spirit
Low self-esteem is heartbreakingly common among children with ADHD who are corrected, punished, and teased on a daily basis. How to counteract the negativity »
When “Use Your Words” Isn’t Enough
When “Use Your Words” Isn’t Enough
Your child's meltdowns may stem from an inability to express his feelings. Teach him how by staying calm & using reflective listening.
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“Mom, I Made a New Friend!”
"I Made a New Friend!"
Social skills, like taking turns and not interrupting, don't always come naturally to kids with ADHD. Teach your child these 16 strategies for making lifelong connections »
Building (Real) Friendships in the Age of Snapchat and Instagram
Helping Preteens Develop Social Awareness
For children who struggle with social skills, middle school and social media can be particularly tricky. 5 ways parents can help »
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