Week 3 Class: Sleep & Routines
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8-Week Parenting Class from ADDitude
Why Children with ADHD Hate Bedtime: Solutions to ADHD Sleep Problems

Are Your Child's Sleep Patterns Out of Whack?
"Just one night of bad sleep can make a child’s inattention and opposition even worse the next day, in turn making it even more difficult to get ready and settled for sleep the next night. The pattern repeats indefinitely if not arrested."

Teach your child with ADHD how to settle his mind for sleep (this means getting off his screens earlier!). | Learn how »

The Importance of a Daily Schedule for Kids with ADHD: Sample Routines and More
Routine to the Rescue!
Children with ADD need and want the security of structure. Use these sample schedules to simplify your family's day-to-day. Learn the routines »
Exercise and Sleep: The Better Brain Therapies Your Child Needs
ADHD Brains Crave Sleep
Research shows clear 'epigenetic' benefits from both sleep and physical activity — they actually grow your child's brain. Keep reading »
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End the ‘I Can’t Sleep’ Cycle of Exhaustion
How to End the Vicious Cycle of "I Can't Sleep"
Children with ADHD are less likely to fall and stay asleep easily because the same brain regions regulate both attention & sleep. Help your child get more rest »
The Secret to No-Nag, Never-Late Mornings
Replace Morning Nagging with Morning Smiles
A mom who invented an A.M. routine for her 2 kids with ADHD ("My morning nagging immediately decreased by 80 to 90 percent") shares her system »
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