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ADDitude Insider  |  October 1, 2021
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Podcast 373: ADHD Ages & Stages Part 2: Common Challenges and Practical Strategies for Teens and Young Adults
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Insiders get special access to our latest podcast episode. This month's featured episode: ADHD Ages & Stages, Part 2: Common Challenges and Practical Strategies for Teens and Young Adults (episode 373), with Meg Leahy, MS, NCC, BCC | Listen now »
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"On Getting Unstuck from the Cloud of Stuck-ness"
"When I have a choice to make, I imagine all of the possibilities in different colors. At first, it’s just two colors. Do I wash the dishes, or do I not wash the dishes? But then, as I think about my decision, those two choices split off into a million more hues." | Keep reading »

"You’re Not Bad at French; You’re Learning French."
"Thinking of yourself as bad at something is not going to help you become better at it. Understanding you have a need in an area, and having a desire to improve, is a healthier way to approach challenges." | Keep reading »
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"Impulsivity Has Been a Deciding Factor in My Life…"
We asked: "Does your ADHD have a strong impulsivity component? If so, how has this affected your life? Share a story of a time when you acted on impulse, and the negative (or positive!) result." | You said...

“My Child’s Friends Are All Younger — and That’s Okay.”
We asked: "Due to the lag in maturity that comes with ADHD, many children who struggle socially with same-age peers may form solid friendships with younger kids. Has this been the case with your child? What do they take away from these friendships?" | You said...
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