Help children with ADHD stay focused and follow directions
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School Rules! ADDitude's ADHD & Learning Guide
Easily Distracted? How to Tune Out Distractions & Focus on School
Why Kids with ADHD Tune Out
ADHD is not just poor focus — it’s an inability to control attention and screen out distractions. Use these strategies to improve focus at school and at home.
First, Learn to Listen. Then, Listen to Learn.
First, Learn to Listen.
Paying attention and listening — these skills are prerequisites for learning and growing. Use these strategies to build better habits at home.
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Stop Fidgeting?! Um, Bad Idea
Stop Fidgeting? Um, Bad Idea
Children with ADHD have an easier time concentrating, focusing, and staying on task while moving their bodies. These intentional fidget toys harness their energy — quietly.
Show and Tell: Defeat Distraction in the Classroom
Don't Just Tell; Show
"When I showed students what to do, rather than just gave verbal directions, they were better at completing the task." See more teaching strategies that capture kids' attention »
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Music That Focuses the Brain
Your Child's New Study Soundtrack
Research indicates that music strengthens a range of areas that are weak in ADHD brans — from speech and language skills to problem-solving to attention and focus. See 21 recommended songs »
Daily Exercise Ideas That Build Focus
Daily Exercises to Build Focus
Aerobic exercise can help kids with ADHD improve attention and learn more effectively. Incorporate these activities into your child's routine.
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Success@School Q&A
Seeking Better Classroom Focus
Q: My son is highly distractible and struggles to complete assignments without someone sitting with him. See the answer >
But My Child Can't "Just Focus"
Q: One-fourth of my child's grade is based on his ability to focus for the period without reminders to stay on task. See the answer >
Yes, You Need to Follow the Rules
Q: My daughter lags in maturity and doesn’t seem to grasp that she needs to follow rules in school, every day. See the answer >
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