ADHD: A Complete Overview
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Happy ADHD Awareness Month from
The ADHD Overview from ADDitude
Overview of ADHD
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurological condition that impacts executive function, working memory, impulsivity, focus, and emotional health. Here, learn about causes, symptoms, treatments & more.
Is It ADHD? Checklist of Common ADHD Symptoms
Is It ADHD? Checklist of Common Symptoms
Could your child's distractibility, hypersensitivity, or forgetfulness be caused by ADHD? Consult this checklist of symptoms for each ADHD subtype.
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The Ultimate ADHD Road Map for Parents
The Ultimate ADHD Road Map
Now you know that your child’s challenges trace back to a biologically-based disorder. But how do you actually help control his symptoms so he can thrive socially and academically? Follow our road map >
Is ADHD Hereditary or Genetic? Yes and No
What Causes ADHD?
ADHD is not caused by bad parenting, too much sugar, or too many video games. It is a brain-based, biological disorder with a strong genetic aspect. ADDitude delves into the science of ADHD causes and brain differences.
Your Complete ADHD Diagnosis and Testing Guide
Complete ADHD Diagnosis and Testing Guide
A thorough ADHD diagnosis includes symptom tests, interviews, a through medical history, plus evaluations for common co-occuring conditions. It’s a complicated process — as it should be to ensure accuracy.
"Dear Mom of a Newly Diagnosed Kid with ADHD"
"Dear Mom of a Newly Diagnosed Kid with ADHD"
"You have a name for your child's different brain chemistry now, but he is the same child you have always loved. You had the courage to have your child diagnosed, to get your kid 'labeled,' to say, 'We need help.'"
Don't Miss ADDitude's ADHD Awareness Month Webinar Series
#1 – Sept. 30: What Is ADHD? Everything You Need to Know Before & After a Diagnosis
#2 – Oct. 10: How to Explain ADHD to Your Child, Family, and Friends
#3 – Oct. 22: Life Hacks for Adults and Children with ADHD
+ ADDitude's ADHD Awareness Month Sweepstakes
Enter to win one of three copies of My Whirling, Twirling Motor — an illustrated book for children with ADHD — by answering this question: Who are your favorite ADHD characters from books, film, or TV — and why? Enter the sweepstakes »
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Introducing More to ADHD—a new resource for parents and caregivers of children and adolescents living with ADHD. What is surprising to many families living with this disorder is that ADHD is often just the “tip of the iceberg.” Learn more at
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