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The Parent-Teacher ADHD Handbook
Dear Parents,

Children with ADHD have impaired executive function skills due to abnormal dopamine levels in the frontal lobe of the brain.

What this means: They forget to write down assignments, they lose completed homework, and they can't remember what you just said. Add to that typical ADHD symptoms of distractibility, impulsivity, and hyperactivity, and you've got a whole set of 'invisible' obstacles that other students (and teachers) may not understand or appreciate. 

Step One: Help your child's teacher see his unique gifts and challenges.
Step Two: Work together on smart, consistent strategies for addressing ADHD symptoms at school and at home, using this special report full of very specific methods for dealing with very specific ADHD challenges, including...

ADHD Parent-Teacher Handbook
  • Distractibility: How to pay attention and follow instructions
  • Disorganization: How to keep track of assignments and deadlines
  • Impulsivity: How to follow classroom rules consistently
  • Social Skills: How to make (and keep) friends
  • Hyperactivity: How to use fidgets and small breaks for focus
  • Forgetfulness: How to bolster working memory
  • Plus so much more!
When parents and teachers work together cooperatively and consistently, children benefit. That's why you need this special report, which provides realistic solutions to pin-pointed problems, helping ensure that school is a positive experience for everyone.

Help your child succeed... and order the 73-page ADHD Parent-Teacher Handbook today!

Get the ADHD Parent-Teacher Handbook Now!


Susan Caughman - ADDitude Magazine
Susan Caughman

Publisher of ADDitude Magazine
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