Learning apps & tools for students with ADHD
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School Rules! ADDitude's ADHD & Learning Guide
Assistive Technology to Close the Learning Gap
Assistive Technology to Close the Learning Gap
The right technology, paired with the right teaching methods, can help your child become a better speaker, listener, reader, writer, planner, organizer, and class participant. How? Read on »
17 Best Assistive Learning Tools for Students with ADHD
17 Assistive Learning Tools
These expert-approved apps are not games; they're tools. Use them to help with spelling, math, task management, and more. See the list »
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14 School Gadgets You Wish You Had Last Year
14 School Gadgets You Wish You Had Last Year
Get help with the morning routine, homework struggles, and fickle focus — all thanks to these brilliant tools designed for children with ADHD or LD.
Fun (and Functional) Fidgets for the New School Year
Fun (and Functional) Fidgets
Students with ADHD may focus best when they are chewing, squeezing, picking, or — yes — spinning. Quiet and effective fidgets for your child to try »
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Webinar on October 2: Tech to the Rescue
Tech to the Rescue!
Learn how to assemble an Assistive Technology toolkit to support your child at school. Register now »
Downloads That Build Social Skills
Top Apps: Social Skills
Thinking through feelings. Reading social cues. Understanding expectations. Help her practice these and other key skills with these apps.
9 Apps and Tools That Build Better Retention
Smart Apps: Memory
Poor working memory is common among children with ADHD. Use these apps to help your child retain more of what he worked so hard to learn.
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