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Webinar on April 30: Reassessing Priorities After a Pandemic
ADHD Life: Reassessing Goals and Priorities After a Pandemic
Thursday, April 30, 2020 at 1pm Eastern Time
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with Michele Novotni, Ph.D.
Wasn’t life already challenging enough for folks with ADHD? Now, add in a pandemic and quarantine. But could it be that this ‘Global Pause’ actually affords us the rare opportunity to redefine what we would like our “normal” to look like? Learn how to weather this situation — and evaluate what you actually want to put back into your life as things re-start.
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Webinar on May 7: Sensory-Smart Strategies for Children
Sensory-Smart Strategies for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD
Thursday, May 7, 2020 at 1pm Eastern Time (rescheduled from April 9)
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with Lindsey Biel, M.A., OTR/L, and Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A.
Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) causes over- or under-sensitivity to stimuli and can interfere with a child's everyday life. Two top experts offer practical strategies for grooming, dressing, and more at home, and on-the-spot interventions for commonly problematic situations, like birthday parties, when back out in the world.
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Webinar on May 13: Why Women Are Struggling While Staying at Home
"I Thought I'd Be More Productive!" Why Women with ADHD Are Struggling While Staying at Home
Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at 1pm Eastern Time
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with Michelle Frank, Psy.D.
The last thing women with ADHD need during a global pandemic is the pressure of deeply internalized messages about what it means to be and do "enough." This webinar will gently remind you that you don't need to be perfectly productive, get fit, learn a new skill, and organize your garage while under quarantine.
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Webinar on May 19: Understanding the New ADHD Guidelines
Understanding the New ADHD Guidelines: A Parent's Guide to the Latest Standards for Diagnosing and Treating Children
Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 1pm Eastern Time (rescheduled from March 17)
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with Mark L. Wolraich, M.D., and Joseph F. Hagan, Jr., M.D., FAAP
With increasing regularity, primary pediatric care clinicians are diagnosing and treating children with ADHD. To aid this process, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) revised its ADHD clinical guidelines last year. In this webinar, two pediatricians tell parents what they can and should expect from their clinicians.
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Webinar on May 26: The ADHD Guide to Fighting Stigma
The ADHD Guide to Fighting Stigma: How to Defend Your Diagnosis and Build Your Self-Esteem
Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at 1pm Eastern Time
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with Rick Green, M.C., OOnt, BSc
An award-winning TV writer and comedian explains how he has used positivity and humor to enlighten ADHD doubters, bust myths, eliminate shame, increase acceptance, and transform how people view people with the condition.
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