Helping children with ADHD build lasting friendships
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School Rules! ADDitude's ADHD & Learning Guide
Help Your Child Forge Lasting Friendships
Social Strategies for Making & Keeping Good Friends
Friendships require skills that don't come naturally to kids who may lag in maturity, miss cues, or interrupt. Here's how parents and teachers can help at home and at school.
In This House, We Don’t Tolerate Bullying
Bullying Stops Here
Bullies prey on kids who stand out or who struggle with social skills. Too often, children with ADHD fall victim. Learn how to help your child stop the cycle of bullying.
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Lots of Transitions, Lots of Gains
Middle School Social Scene
A preteen's life is full of changes and big transitions, including an increased motivation to impress peers. Help your tween navigate this tricky period.
Why Aren’t Schools Teaching Social Skills?
"Today We're Learning About Friendship"
We wish! When so many children with ADHD and learning differences struggle to make friends, why don't all schools teach social skills?
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“Please Let Him Make Just One Friend.”
"Please Let Him Make Just One Friend"
"Let the kind kids outnumber the bullies this year, let understanding outpace frustration, and let the parents (and teachers) know how important it is talk openly about invisible disabilities."
Webinar on September 18: What Teachers Should Know About Their Students with ADHD
Maximize Learning in the Classroom: What Teachers Should Know About Students with ADHD
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