For better communication, timing is everything
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Living with Adult ADHD
Want to Be Heard? Timing Is Everything.
For Good Communication, Timing Is Everything
For couples with ADHD, when you talk matters as much as what you say. If you deliver an ultimatum late at night, when energy is depleted, it's like sending mail that never gets opened. Improve your communication by finding the right time, consolidating small problems, ditching distractions, and more.
What You Should Know About ADHD Meds if You Have a History of Substance Abuse
Can Former Substance Abusers Take ADHD Meds?
Understand the health risks and safety precautions for adults with a history of addiction when taking stimulant medications for ADHD.
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17 Ways to Cut Back on Clutter
Bite-Sized Clutter Strategies
Have an exact place for everything. Never accept anything for free, unless you’re thrilled with it; if you don't need it, don't take it.
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“I Worked Among the Best and Brightest on Wall Street. Then I Was Diagnosed with ADHD.”
"Why I Walked Away from My Dream Job"
"I was 11 when I first saw the movie Wall Street. It stirred an intense dopamine rush, which would drive years of hyperfocus on working as an investment banker."
Then came my ADHD diagnosis...
Dear Organizing Coach: I’m Addicted to Buying Organizing Systems That I Never Use!
"I Keep Buying Organizing Systems (But Don't Use Any)!"
Q: "My house is sooo disorganized. I'm always convinced that the next book or (expensive) organizing system I buy will be the solution."
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Webinar on October 8: How CBT and ADHD Coaching Help Adults
CBT & Coaching for ADHD
Learn about cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) & coaching — how these therapies work & complement each other. Go »
Question of the Week
Who do you tell about your ADHD? Do you shout it to the world, share openly when relevant, or do you keep your diagnosis private? | Share now »
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In response to last week's question about how you would (re)define or describe ADHD, you said:

"It feels like there are thousands of bullet trains racing through my brain and everything is chaotically firing at once, or nothing is. And the nothing feels terrifying and hollow." — Rachel

"ADHD is the ability to hold multiple competing thoughts at once, to problem-solve in unique & creative ways, and to focus intensely on issues my brain finds fascinating and stimulating." — Christina

"I would redefine ADHD as Executive Function / Self-Regulatory disorder." — Kristin

This week's question:
Who do you tell about your ADHD? Do you shout it to the world, share openly when relevant, or have you kept your diagnosis to yourself? Share your response »
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