From 'love bombing' to boredom in relationships
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Living with Adult ADHD
From Intense Infatuation to Indifference
From Love Bombing to Boredom: Is ADHD to Blame for Mercurial Relationship Cycles?
"My relationships always begin with my having a super intense infatuation with the other person. If the relationship ends before my infatuation does, I hold on to the memories for years and obsess over the idea that the person was my soul mate. If the infatuation ends first, I quickly lose interest and find a reason to end the relationship." | More stories of obsessive love »
“20 Rules to Live By: My ADHD Life Guide”
"20 Rules for Life with ADHD"
#1: Dance to your own tune. Avoid comparing yourself to others; compare yourself only to past versions of you.
#16: Try to go to sleep smarter than when you awoke.

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How to Help Your Boss Help You
Help Your Boss Help You
For many adults with ADHD, a few simple modifications can help us manage tasks — and bring big returns in productivity.
12 win-win work strategies →
“ADHD Is Real — and We’re Not Stupid or Lazy”
"Hey! ADHD Is Real!"
"I’m sure you’ve all seen the ads for simple ADHD 'cures.' And don't get me started on the articles arguing that the condition doesn’t exist at all. On second thought..."
Venting about ADD deniers →
The Get-Stuff-Done Guide
Get-It-Done Strategies
Cluster similar tasks (to avoid mental gear shifts). If there's no reward built in to completing a task, create one. And 4 more ADHD-friendly ways to check off your entire to-do list.
Webinar on October 12: ADHD Awareness Month
Combating ADHD Stereotypes
Join Ned Hallowell & Sari Solden to learn how to refute common ADHD myths during ADHD Awareness Month.
Webinar on October 20: ADHD Ages & Stages Part 3: Adults
ADHD in Adults
ADHD Ages & Stages webinar #3: The unique challenges — and proven solutions — in adulthood. Register »
We asked: ADHD sometimes allows us to connect all the dots — all at once! Describe a time you experienced a sudden flash of inspiration and saw a creative solution that others were missing. You said:

"I'm a 3rd-grade teacher and have an Afghani refugee in my class. I set him up to copy words I'd written in English using a computer, but he was having trouble. Then I realized that the letters on computer keyboards are all capitals, so he couldn't recognize many of the letters I had written in lowercase. I switched to writing in all caps and he went from zero to 75% in a heartbeat."

"I see the complexities of interpersonal dynamics and peoples' strengths and weaknesses very easily. Organizationally, I can see where businesses can do better. I tend to be the one who calls out the elephant in the room before others are ready to deal with an issue. This is not very popular."

"I was diagnosed at 55, and immediately recognized the lifelong behaviors in my late mother. Sadly, she was no longer around to share the mind-blowing revelation. I can only imagine the lively conversations we might have had!"

This week's question:
While ADHD can lead to short-lasting infatuations, many other adults with ADHD form intensely loyal, give-and-take partnerships. Please share some of your secrets to keeping relationships strong when one or both partners have ADHD. Share now »
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ADHD Awareness Month 2021 - quote by Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D.
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